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Pacific Sales - San Diego Review

Report Filed: Pacific Sales – San Diego Best Buy Buyer Beware – 2 failed deliveries so far, no cusotmer service San Diego California!!

Stay away from buying your kitchen appliances from Pacific Sales/Best Buy. Although my problem is specific to the San Diego, Mission Valley store, I have seen enough complaints to know this is a company wide problem. Although their showroom is great, the salespeople are knowledgable, and the prices are competitive… you will be lucky to ever get those appliances actually delivered. I purchased a refrigerator and was told that the delivery would happen the followoing weekend. Then once the transaction was completed and I had gotten home, I received a call that the unit was on back order and would not be able to be delivered for 2 months! They failed to tell me this on the sales floor because they did not want to lose their sale. After shopping around for a range and microwave combo, I again went to Pacific Sales. This time they confirmed that the items were available and the delivery/installation was scheduled for a few days later. I was given a window of 8AM – 12PM for the delivery. At 12, we called and were told they were running late and that the delivery would arrive by 2PM. At 6 PM I received a call that they were overbooked for the day and that I would have to reschedule for another day. I spent my entire Saturday waiting around for a delivery that never took place. After calling Pacific Sales to complain, I was told that they were going to have the appliances delivered directly to their store on the following Wednesday and they would use a local “reliable”” installer this time. Delivery was scheduled for the following day at 10:30 AM. Again the delivery did not happen at that time because the previous installation at another customers home was taking longer than normal. 10:30 got moved back to 12:30

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