Partzilla Review

TO MANAGEMENT: We are VERY dissatisfied with your service and lack of customer support regarding this order, It has taken over 2 months for this order to be in stock, you received over $2600.00 back when the order was first placed 8/22/2018, your shipping cost blow out by another 200% or more after shipping was already calculated and paid, And you cancelled the order 3 days after all parts were in stock. the refund was over $400.00 short on what was paid, And on re entering the order most of the parts have a price increase. Sorry but cannot do business with this type of standard service, Because this job has been quoted to the customer base on your costing including shipping you have created a loss for our business for over $2500.00. As we have a close relationship we most small engine workshop in the state of south Australia as we have been running this for over 30 years and supply to local government departments we will not recommend any to this kind of business practice via social media and internet forums We will not be completing this order as we have tried to come to some arrangement but you are not interested in what has taken place. BAROSSA & NORTHERN HILLS SMALL ENGINE SERVICE. PROP: M A ZANKER 11/16/2018 file no 2315

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