Paul A. Cohen Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Paul A. Cohen Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Complaint

AVOID THIS PLACE Paul Cohen is technically a general dentist, who does not perform clinical work, but manages a few offices. He is money-driven without a doubt, offering the bare minimum services to patients. I would not recommend this place to anyone. One example are his sedation drugs that he uses, which are frequently reused over several days to weeks. He does not have adequate safety nets in place for safe sedations. It is an accident waiting to happen. Paul Cohen himself is not licensed to give sedation. He frequently does not pay his employees, and embarks on shady, unethical practices frequently. It is shameful that he is a dentist at all, and unexcusable the way he manages his practice and patients. Please spread the word about his unethical and shameful practice. Located 225 Broadway in Manhattan; 447 Fulton Street in Brooklyn; 327 Pennsylvania Ave in Brooklyn

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