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We had enrolled for their COD programme and it was to happen in July 17. Flow of events – 1. No proper communication their end. 2. only after we approached to plan for the event regarding applying leaves etc. We are told that due to double booking of venue the programme is postponed to Oct 17. 3. No contact from them thereafter. Oct 17 when we contact again, they give the same reason and postpone the programme to Feb 18. Again we come to know only when we approach them. Same reason of double booking of Venue. 5. This reason for second time is suspicious. 6. Now we are asking for refund and all we are saying that we will attend the next session by paying cash at that time, its so simple. 7. They are not ready to refund and sending only eluding emails. It not only shows their incompetence but also cannot maintain business relations. Thus hinting towards a fraud. 8. Arfeen himself and his colleagues have openly stated during their seminars that “you can pullout anytime you want”. Currently I am giving them maximum time to come clean and also accumulating maximum eluding responses from them and then planning to take appropriate action.

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