Dear fab I m writing for you regaeding my top up. Which I got from your bank on 19 may. I have been contacted by your sales person name sharif and he has offered me an top up and he promised me that I will get 47 k in hands after all deduction, and two months grace period. Accordingly I have applied. After reciving my loan when I was out of the county on my anual leave. I have recived less money by 1000 aed from what he has promised me. I have contacted him million time and always there was no solution. Again on the secound month the bank has deduct 7800 aed which is my loan amount. Which suppose to be on grace period. Again I have text sharif your sales person on 29-jun after the deduction and he has promissed me to check and solve it However I was following up with him on daily basics to solve my problem with no proper reply and daily promise that he will check and find sulition As I m dealing with your bank for more than 5 year I dont think this the right way to tret your customer. I have been promissied by 2 things and thats why I got my top up.47 aed in hands as cash and 2 month grace period. Which is both of them were not deliverd. I have all the conversion with your sales person on my whats up and I can forwarded. Please find for me a suliution to deliver what did you promise me, as I belive and trust in your bank, Looking forward for your kind response Note : last time I got my loan your bank has dedicated the payment on the first month also by mistake and the sales person and his manager fixed and stop the next month salary deduction. I wonder why this time its become very hard for your team to deliver what did they promise. I felt like I have been abused. Best regarrds Bachar bittar Al tayrr group [protected]

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