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Working as a free lancer, And I found a company called picasowebsolutions.com they provide conversion file and they make unusual reports and send to the freelancer and saying that “this is the report got from the foreign client they who send this report can”t do anything sorry no payment””; but the report seems nothing usual & standard just a simple made, at last they got into a silly mistakes from a Report saying that in the report “the files found with double space error sorry no payment” but the actual is the adjustments in the alignment, and I called through skype and they are not responding properly & to the messages too. And I asked them the message feedback got from the origin client and they refuse to send it too. I had deposited 72$ and wasted about a minimum of 6500 Hours with a submission of 230 files which consist more than 1000 words on it, And I want to say that Unfortunately freelancers don”t get trap into such scammers who are earning as a side business.

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