Renault Fourways / Renault Retail Operations

Renault Fourways / Renault Retail Operations Review

Purchased a renault clio 4 dynamique 8 months ago (Brand new) from renault fourways and the paint is now cracking and peeling all over the car!! Took it to the dealership who sent it to their “approved body shop. ” after requesting to see the report and asking for feedback 5 times, they sent me an email saying it was caused by bird poo and that it won”t be covered by warranty. Regardless of whether or not there was bird poo on my car, it should not do this to my car or any car!! The paint quality is clearly poor and the fact that the paint is cracking and peeling all over the car clearly proves this! They clearly haven”t done a thorough inspection of the car and have something to hide as no formal report was sent to me after I requested it 5 times (Perhaps the car was even resprayed?). I was forced to collect my car and the dealership have basically told me to get lost. Renault south africa and customer care also aren”t assisting in any way. I will be reporting this to the ncc and the motor ombudsman and I will be getting my own unbiased inspections of the paintwork on my car done. Renault have taken away the joy of driving a new car and that”s what I am paying for so I expect a brand new replacement vehicle exactly like mine for no additional cost!! I will keep fighting this until i”m blue in the face and until renault give me what I deserve and what i”m paying for! I will never buy another renault nor recommend their cars to anyone!

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