ResearchGate Review

Since the current CEO of RG (the Muslim Mastrich, a virologist, not a physician) received 52 million cash from Bill Gates, he commenced to any type of bold and criminal acts against the subscribers. In current vicious feud with another research social media portal (, Researchgate suspends the accounts of prominent scientists who have trusted that site their publications, and keeps their intellectual property to sell it later for cheaper prices than those the scientific journals offers for non-free-for-access (NOFA) articles. This is a criminal enterprise. I suggest all concerned scientists remove their full-texts of books and articles from and drop out until it is not late. Researchgate is currently engaged in copyright infringment crimes. We have reported this crime to the appropriate agencies. This criminal enterprise should be vanished. Bill Gates must know whom he sponsors, and if he knows and it is okay with RG’s crimes, then it makes him a criminal.

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