RocketFuel Review

The first question: are all of their team members work remotely? This is their statement: team members are based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Bangkok, and Seoul. It means they have several branches or my assumption is the right one? If they have branches, then it’s better to mention them all or to mention their headquarters at least. It’s necessary, we have to know where the company is officially located. I would also like to discuss their team and its description. Well there are actually a lot of members, but none of them has any bio and it’s unknown what positions they take. So it’s not really right that potential clients don’t know it. You presented your team and didn’t present it at the same time. Plus, the photos have not the best quality and not the same style. Not that it’s too terrible, but it ruins the presentation a little. So there’re a lot of things to improve.

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