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Racial discrimination is real and alive today, I have encountered with a gentlemen (landlord) who still feels he is living in the 50’s. I took on a job as a consultant to help a client who was having problems with the business, an Asian sweet young lady, she’s been doing the business over 14years with the landlord and all bills are paid and current. The entire time the landlord called her out of her name, being disrespectful and treated her like a 2nd class citizen. The reason I can say this, is because I witnessed myself, when I went to his office with my client as moral support, she was in the process of leasing her building out but this Slumlord took upon himself to scream and called her out of her name and chastised her like she was a kid, and at the same time ask for money and threatened her to kick her out. It took me back to hear someone to speak to a grown woman of that tone, the scenario only got worst, so I had to take actions and I let him know “Do not speak to her in that manner, treat her with respectful lady not a 2nd class citizen” but what he did then, he created a vendetta against the business owner and myself to prove that he did not like blacks, the trick to this is that he has Latinos/Asian working in his office and treats them like SH***** They are scared because he needs a token to make it look like he is not a prejudices individual, he went out of his way, even-though all her bills are paid and current, he brought to her business an eviction letter and he told one of the employees that he was going to do everything in his power to get these ****** out of this building. My client still has remaining 2years lease, but landlord is not willing to buy her out of $100, 00, but want my client out of zero payout. Now, we taking this to the public because this man needs to be stopped. My client has spent over $250K of her own money, another 100K over the period of years and she been so scared because this landlord keeps her scared and upset to do anything. So, we are wanting to put him on blast letting everyone know that this is a despicable individual and he came and file charges because she was trying to get out of the building and sell to someone else. The young lady who was suppose to buy the building sued my client and teamed up with the landlord because they are both of the same culture, then landlord came to court and testify on behalf of the person who has never gave him a dime, just to make sure that my client lost the case against this other individual. Then landlord filed a lawsuit and eviction immediately against my client to kick her out of the building, even-though all the bills were paid, he ran out all her workers and her clients away and he brought people to come in-front of the building and harassed the business, we need to let people know this is the person you do not want to deal with, because he’s a racial bigot, we want it stop.

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