Scandinavian Airlines System [SAS]

Scandinavian Airlines System [SAS] Review

The problem I have with SAS is that they scammed me when I changed the return date for the trip I made in April 2004. Not only they charged me $600 to adjust the return date by 3days, but they also scammed me by misrepresenting the amount I would have to pay for the whole trip. To add some detail, I originally paid $1008.71 for the round trip Seattle – copenhagen. Later, 2 weeks before the trip, I changed the return date by 3 days on their website. They displayed all 4 legs of the trip with prices next to them, and the total amount displayed for the trip was $1528.23. So I accepted the change. But what they did, is they charged me the $1528.23 in addition to the $1008.71 I originally paid. When I called them and asked for refund of the original $100.71, they replied that they don’t want to refund any money, and that the $1528.23 was in addition to the actually in addition to the $1008.71 I paid. Total scam: 1) If that was true, then why didn’t they show the 4 legs of the trip and the total amount of $2536.94, and present unequivocally that I would have to pay $1528.23 in addition to the $1008.71 I already paid? 2) If they would have made it clear the total cost of the trip would be $2536.94, I clearly wouldn’t have accepted the transaction. I am still fighting with them to refund the $1008.71. I will have to open a lawsuit against them, and prove that their website and communication was insufficient… lots of work, and not sure how it will go. Be aware of this scam if you need to rebook with them. Second issue is about a window smart phone (approx $500) I forgot in the seat pocket when I got off the airplane in copenhagen. I realized right after I exited the plane, but the information clerk told me that I cannot do anything right then, but that the cleaning crew will find it and then I would recover it the 2nd day. Don’t want to get into too many details, but it was a nightmare trying to recover that phone, and in the end I didn’t. They were sending me in a circle: SAS rep sent me to the Copenhagen police lost and found, the police sent me to the airport lost & found, and the airport lost and found sent me to the SAS office, and so on. Very hard to talk to anybody at the police lost & found – except 2 times, there was only a robot answering and playing a message in danish. Same with the airport and SAS office. Overall bad experience interacting with the people at SAS, airport and Copenhagen police. They were very unfriendly and unhelpful. I wouldn’t visit copenhagen every again, unless forced.

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