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Purchased my first soclean unit about 2 years ago. Within about 6-9 months I bought a second one. Shortly after the first one failed, I called the company, went throuigh a rather bogus check list and they agreed =my unit was bad and sent a form (label) to process. the fee to ship was about $35. I got a replacement witin about 3 weeks (new unit). Soon after this original unit went bad, the second unit failed. That too they went through the bogus check list and agreed to replace. This too cost about $35 and took a few weeks to complete. On both units, I was informed that the replacement units I received we reissued a new 1-year warranty. Within the last year, both units failed within a few months of each other and currently dont work. When I called about the first unit failing again (around March of 2018), I was confronted with another bogus process. We they asked is my light on, I said yes. They asked is the fan (motor) running, I said yes (same as previous experiences). I explained abo9ut the smell being not normal as usual as well. But this time, they said my unit was working fine. I expalined this was the exact failure as the previous units and they refused to service the unit. I asked if they could look at the unit if I send it in. the response is they will not accept any unit without a claim number. I asked for the claim number aqnd they refused. I was dead in the water. So I contunued to use the device since they verified in their own way it was working but eventually got extremely sick, lost almost a months worth of work and was under a doctors care. Once I stopped using the machine, and switched to the other one I had, my illness slowely recoved. In the Summar of 2018 the second unit failed just like the others. I was refused service. Both units were under the updated warranty when I tried to get them serviced. I feel totally ripped off by this bogus company. I am over $700 for two units plus about $100 in extra filters and $70 plus dollars in shipping costs. I ended up buying Respify units and have work great with no failures.

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  1. Darren Spelman
    June 17, 2020

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