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Spa World Review

Several friends and I had Groupons purchased for use at Spa World, also called the Korean Spa, outside of Washinton, DC. In total, we had paid over $300 for the Groupons. Their promotional value had expired, but Groupons still retain their $300+ purchased value. We wanted to use the Groupons for spa services, but the manager told us they could only be used for entry. When we showed the manager the physical, printed out Groupons, and pointed out that this limitation was not printed anywhere, he said it didn’t matter. When we showed him the language on the Groupon that referred to booking spa services and their spa services tipping policy, he pretended not to understand English. When we asked for a phone number to talk to a supervisor, he lied and gave a false number. We pulled out our phones and called the number on the spot. He didn’t even care that he was caught in a lie. We were so disgusted that we gave our Groupons away to some young ladies and left. I’d never go back.

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