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Synco Global Review

Synco Global states that their company is Asia’s largest blockchain community. As I always say: they have to provide proofs. Well, maybe their proof is that they invested in 12 projects, with investments of up to $24 million per project. Maybe. But still it’s not a reason to state it so loud. Because each company believes they are the best of the best. And what are we going to do if all of them are leaders? And even if they are not scammers, why then they didn’t show it? Their website is not informative. I don’t even know where exactly they are located. When they say: “Blockchain Centers are established in London, Seoul, and San Francisco. More centers are planned to launch in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangalore, Sydney, and Singapore”, I wonder why they didn’t provide addresses of these centers. And the contact details contain just an email. Is that ok for one of the best companies?

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