TestKing.com Complaint

Although the practice exams I”ve used do seem to be functional in terms of preparing me for the real exam, getting any usable assistance from their support department is difficult at best. My experience has been that they always send back a scripted response rather than actually reading your description of the problem, and trying to offer targeted suggestions. The scripted response offers more than a dozen things to try for all kinds of issues, which is not very useful for any particular problem. I recently submitted a complaint about the Exam Optimizer feature not functioning correctly (the feature that allows you to set the number of questions per exam, whether or not to eliminate questions from the pool when you get them correct a certain number of times, which subject areas to select question from, etc.). “Hans” responded with “Probably due to local security on your side. If all fails then just avoid using the item Optimizer.” I just love technological businesses that offer up solutions that don”t actually address the problem. “Oh it doesn”t work? Well try not using it.”

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