The Coconut Palms Resort

The Coconut Palms Resort Review

Years ago, I bought a vacation club membership from Coconut Palms in Cabarete, DR. I bought it, for one reason because it was presented to me that it was going to be easy to sell later. I spent over $4000. As time went on, I started receiving emails from a foreign man and per his emails, it sounded like the resort was in danger of closing its doors. Several years past again and I tried many many times to contact the resort via email to find out the status of the resort and to ask questions about my membership. None of my emails were responded to. When I got back to the states in April of 2015 finally someone answered. They were still open. I wanted a refund of the money I spent and that was not going to happen, in fact one of the employees informed me she was going to a meeting and would call me back with an answer. She never called. They want me to pay $1200 in back maintenance fees. I didnt pay for the fees all that time as I thought they were closed and also I became disabled and not able to work. Recently I have emailed them again, trying to see if I can sell the vacation club membership that I have. I have sent several emails and again, no response. Is there any recourse for something like this? I am quite angry that they took my money and happily so, but now that I am in trouble and feel like I need help wading through what I am supposed to do, they are ignoring me.

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