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William Letsoalo of this law firm belief that unemployed people don’t and won’t stand a chance in court ? Is our judicial system that hardened towards unemployed people to an extent that lawyers can bluntly say that no judge will hear their matter. Are law firms such as Tim du toit solely interested in money to an extent that they will push aside the plight of poor people who can not afford attorneys to fight for them ? It appears that Ms Molepo will not desist from “beating the 2014 summons drum”. As it appears that she may have cleared her arrears sometimes after the summons was issued, we propose that you should instruct us to withdraw the action and start afresh. In that way, the story about “old and void” summons would be “removed from the picture”. She is currently unemployed. Even if she defends the matter, the bank is likely to be granted summary judgment as we do not see any form of defence that she can raise. That’s how William market him self to clients disregarding others who in his books won’t be given the time of day in court. Wow some legal system we have in South Africa Money talks n the rich will get defense not the poor !

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