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Report Filed: Tower Of Power Sales,Trip to europe contest…. Gig Harbor Washington!!

A guy knock on the door, introduce himself and said was making a survey about people career. He said he’s a hs graduate and hoping to find inspiration for his future. After I gave him the answer he asked me to look in a small booklet with the list of magazines, with corresponding points to it. He said that my pick will help him win a trip to europe of tropical vacation or 5K. I ask how much it would cost me, he just insisted on the points he would earn. Since my husband and I have been subscribing several magazines for years there’s really not much choices I have….so I picked the Parenting magazine. He then told me that it’ll cost me $64.00. So I told him I don’t have $64.00 cash. He said he will accept half cash and half check. I gave him $20.00 cash and signed a $44.00 check. He told me that I can post his name on the door so other kid (who are in the contest) can see his name and not knock on my door. Once he left I read the fine prints on the back and learned that I can cancel it within 72 hours. I filled the cancellation notice and have ready for mailing the next day. Then I found this rifoff website…and realize that I wasn’t alone. Mkd Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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