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We placed 2 orders of weld fittings of government department on TTU industrial Corp Ltd Bangkok Thailand in year 2012, manufacturer sent order acknowledgement and customer opened letter of credit. On behalf of manufacturer we provided performance bonds, we were given delivery time for inspection and shipment but when material was not shipped after period of 6 months we visited Bangkok and met manufacturer who informed that material will be shipped but nothing happed as we have visited about 5 times to Bangkok just for these orders and met every time manufacturer, the only importance of these orders are of government department and this department issued us show cause notice for blacking listing of the firm for which we intimated TTU time and again but manufacturer is did not care for such letter and no reply, but this manufacturer do not know that his company name will appear on customer web site that will be good advertisement of TTU that TTU is black listed company. This manufacturer is habitual not to attend the mobile phone as it is always on answering mode and even do not reply e.mails despite of call to his office and other sales people are very obedient of their owner and always say they do not no any thing only owner knows. Last visit TTU intimated that fittings are ready and we took the picture and showed them to our customer but later on we were informed by the manufacturer that these are not against our order, it means these were fake to satisfy and pass the time us as everybody know that for how long visitor can stay one day two day max one week and at last he has to go back to home country. For last two visited manufacturer asked us what is purpose of our visit to his office we intimated we want to know about order status otherwise we and you both will be black listed the manufacturer did not care. The manufacturer also owe us money. We fail to understand that if this type of manufacturer do business then who will trust business house in Thailand. We have all documents which support our case.

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  1. Josue Dwire
    June 17, 2020

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