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The authorities have their dirift. But all they can do is keep my private pension funds vs. to those siblings (Gertrude Myra who registration on F3 in the name of mine, Emma Washington birth on Uune 7, 1953 from my potential returement benefits.Lorna Jean Harrell birth on July 16, 1954 and the first birth is Gertrude Myra is birth July 16, 1951 with 50+ years on welfare for children, adults now.Both Marcel, Allias in Illinois detention as Marcus after his brother, Marcus Navon, an adult. The siblings above, along with Phyllis, Larrie Ann w/ Ashley-Daughter, on Oakland, Calif. and retired army Phillip A., a patient that registered in Holly Bldg of Ancora Hospital as the one above in Hammonton, NJ. 08037 didn’t labored/worked for the private sectors as myself as a charter for promotion of TravCorp and Nurse Rx of their licensure of the two new establishments in the years 1998/99 and finished contracts at the private acccomodations. The other ones are Medstaff Travelled and Manassas in which the youngest sibling, Phyllis signed this registered mail of my private pension of $90, 000m/t enclosed with my private benefits w/o sending it to me as Gertrude, Lorna, Larrie Ann who had an Code Stat cougar incident dangerous occurrence on the private 2 bedroom accommodation parking lot inside the ER coverage of medical corp of 9750, 000+ 550, 000m/t’s both for this Maypr Clinic and prognosis pension for Mr. Marquis Miller, age 21 then, and now 33 y/o that is prolong health in State of dangered from Larrie Ann, Ashley 12 years later medical, negligent, calamityes from this cougar internal affect, when all his private pension funds of 9750, 000m/t, 550, 000m/t, and the private pension checks of his 550, 000m/t’s x 8+ were sent for immediate attention for his life as my private pension fund from TravCorp was sent of 565, 000m/’t and Larrie w/adults children and her husband spent on selves and opened bank accounts when deposited after she fled the designated address I had it sent to as the other siblings of mine.Today I don’t have any of it as they are today presence in Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in the building and Lorna, acturally started a business that used my private pension of 22, 600, 000m/t that is referred to my stuff that she, her friends used against me to enable the attempts to keep all my private pension funds that she gone after my 30 year security blanket when she already have my registered, certified mail to

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  1. Lala Denery
    June 16, 2020

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