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We booked a trip with vacation Express in December 2018 for 4 people to Dominican Republic .3 of us were departing from Dallas on Miami air and one person from Chicago. On Our return flight, my daughter’s flight was changed with little notice, requiring her to fly, instead of directly to Dallas, now through Atlanta and then to Dallas. in Atlanta her flight was cancelled and she was put on stay-by for 11 hours. When we boarded at our flight on Miami air leaving the Dominican Republic to Dallas there were 12 empty seats… there was no reason to change her flight.. we were so worried, specifically due to the dangerous situation Americans have been experiencing in Dominic republic right now . This put my daughter at great danger and made her flight 14 hours in duration, instead of the 4:20 confirmed direct flight. When we called vacation Express, they said they have nothing to do with any change and informed us that Delta air did it…!!???? We want to know who exactly did it and why and contact us to explain why this occurred …

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  1. Ena Schabes
    June 16, 2020

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