vdgamestore Review

Report Filed: vdgamestore Suspicious and highly likely that’s its fraudalent California!!

I feel that this company is fraudalent based on the fact that last month I ordered Killer is dead from them due to its incredibly unreal cheap price. They say they shipped it but that was over a month ago and they dont even give you a delivery confirmation number which is a red flag by itself. When I receieved my credit card statement I realized that they had lied about shipping it and hadnt even charged me which makes me wonder if they steal credit card information or keep it on file for their own nefarious purposes. Another red flag is that they dont answer their email or their phone regardless if you leave a message. They are a shady company and I would highly recommend not doing business with them. I suggest only doing business with shops who use Paypal at least if they are a new company that noone ever heard of.Be careful folks and take care.

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