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Their motto is: Quality-Honesty-Integrity. We found that they were extremely lacking in these three areas. In March of 2007 we wanted a leaky flat roof fixed and a new deck installed over that flat roof. Over 11 thousand dollars and 8 months later, we wish that I had never heard of Volpe Enterprises. Everything they did was so sloppy that we had to have them do much of it over again. A job that they said would take a couple weeks actually put us through hell for 8 long months. They even scratched up our new deck through 13 boards and had we seen the long scratch, they would have never been paid. Once we told them about the scratch, they had no interest in looking at it and even tried to blame it on us, saying it was our furniture or washing. We had no furniture on the roof at the time and didn”t wash the deck. Who needs to wash a new deck. Then the roof started leaking again. They found that their so-called “carpenter” put a nail through the subsurface causing the leak and more damage to our bedroom ceiling. So much for “Quality”. When they re-fixed the leak, they scratched even more boards. We had a tough time getting them to replace those boards. They also don”t know what they”re doing with electricity. The same “professional” who did the deck didn”t know how to assemble an outside light fixture into the deck wall. I had to show him. Then he couldn”t get the light switches to work. They had to call out some experts. All I know is that the old lights up on the roof were working before they started. As for honesty, the same worker lied about a tear he caused in a sliding door screen. My wife heard him react to the tear and then later he told his boss that he didn”t know how that happened and blamed it on his helper who was elsewhere at the time. They gave us a bad gate, walls that are loose and don”t seam correctly, bad cuts in wood that are covered in caulking to hide the gaps. I don”t know why we paid them. We just wanted to get rid of them I guess and fix the bad spots ourselves. Then on top of all this, they didn”t want to leave the old boards that were scratched and full of screw holes. We could have used them for small jobs around the house. They said they had a “Project” for them. When the president called my wife and demanded the boards, I got so mad at work that I called him and cursed him up and down. A week later, I compromised with him and we split the boards up. Then I find out the same day that he called my boss about the call I made from work to have me fired. They seemed nice early on at the time of the estimate but you never know who”s going to do the actual work. I will never trust a contractor again because of these clowns. The BBB was of no help, just a middleman for letters back and forth. Please stay clear of Gary Volpe and Volpe Enterprises!

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