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This posting is a description of the facts, and is not about any subjective judgments. On Oct. 30 2007, my mother called Waldron Electric in McMurray, PA. in search of electrical service for 3 outlets that were not working in her kitchen. The service man arrived and spent 2 hours in my mothers home. When she asked what he had done, he said he had looked at her fuse box, said there was dust in the fuse sockets, and the fuses were not making connection, said she had a severed electrical line outside , and it was an emergency situation and the house could catch on fire at any time (). he also stated that he had checked the three outlets with a meter. He charged her 689.00 for no repairs made. the outlets still did not work. A check of the outside was made after he left and revealed no severed wires. He asked her for her credit card immediately. He took an impression and put the charge through right away. He then convinced her that she needed to replace her fuse box with a breaker box to avoid her house catching on fire. My mother is a 82 year old widow living alone. She was very frightened, he then drew up another contract to replace her fuse box at a cost of $6,622.00. He then took an imprint of her credit card and left the house without doing any electrical repairs. For the two hours he was there, he charged her $433.00 for “diagnosing”. He also charged her $191.00 for “Repair” when nothing was repaired. I was able to stop the $6,622.00 transaction that was attempting to go through before the work was done. I was not able to stop the $689.00. I received two other quotes for the same work to upgrade a 100 AMP fuse box to circuit breakers, one was $600.00 and the other was $800.00. I called Waldron to cancel this contract and order them not to appear at my mothers house in the morning. I cancelled my credit card so no additional payments would be made, and have filed a claim with the credit card company for what I feel was unethical business practices. When I called the company and informed them that they will not be doing the work, and I will complain to the BBB and place a complaint on Angie’s List, he became hostile and threatening my mother with a lawsuit, stating: “If you put me on Angie’s list, I will take you to court, I will sue you for everything you have, you’ll have nothing when I am done with you, and you will not win”. He was bullying my mother so she would not stop the contract, because she would be so afraid. This company was cited by the PA Attorney General for its business practices and was forced to pay $40,000 in refunds to 94 customers. My mother has since contracted to have the work done for $700.00.

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