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We bought a “Swarovski Crystal” Chandelier from this vendor, the vendor asked us to pay extra for Swarovski Crystals since they were the best crystals in the market and they costed more, we spent a substantial amount of money on this chandelier more than $2000.00 Dollars. However, once we received the merchandize it turned out to be fake Chinese Crystals, the merchant refused to refund our money nor was he willing to take back the merchandize. I did some google seraches and came upon several unsuspecting consumers who were duped by this company, there may be several other’s who dealth with company and don’t even know that they own Fake Crystals. The owner’s of this company go by different names Jashua Marshall for some Joshua Goldstein for others, Brian Goldstein for some. Overall these guys are fraudsters big time, they are a shady outfit, please stay away from this company or inquire about their return policy you will quikly learn the truth.

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  1. Perry Rigo
    June 13, 2020

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