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Wendover Corporation Review

Wendover Corporation is a Phishing company that uses people instead of emails to dupe businesses out of their exclusive information. Wendover Corporation uses people to call companies with a pitch that goes something like this: “Hello, my name is Jane and I am calling from ABC company in regards to your upcoming move. Have you set a move date yet?” Yes, they do not use their company name in this assumptive pitch to discover all kinds of information about the company.. This phishing/fishing is supposed to result in “qualified” leads that eventually will be sold to various companies that will benefit from helping the company move i.e., movers, phone companies, computer companies, etc. Wendover Corporation”s methodology is to call the same company three or four times in the same morning frustrating many companies who have no problem yelling “stop it!” or “stop calling!”, making this not a job but a punishment for the caller. Wendover Corporation”s business practices may or may not be considered dubious; that is for another day, another time. Labeling their business practices is not my objective. I worked for them just long enough to give them 2 “qualified” leads in late October and as of this writing, I have still not been paid. They appear to like very much making money but paying money to those who even attempt this crazy job is NOT a priority. For those who are wondering why qualified appears in quotation marks, here is why. Even though it is clearly outlined what a “qualified” lead is, they have the last word. You can give them 5 leads and they can tell you it is only one qualified lead. And, in the long run, this is a total and complete waste of real skills and time. Do not waste your time. As the author of the report, I feel obligated to add the latest update: Not only did these unscrupulous people NOT pay me, they sent me 1099 for payment never received. I must say that is fraud at its best.

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