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Winner Furniture I have never left a negative review for a business before, but Winner Furniture did everything within its power to be my first and only. I had the unfortunate experience of trying to purchase a couch from the Dixie Highway location. Over a two month period, I dealt with everyone from the sales staff, to the store manager, to the VP of Sales. All of them failed to deliver my couch, or process my refund once I made it clear that they had lost my business due to their lack of professionalism, unresponsiveness, and inability to follow through on their promises. If you don’t want to bother reading my unfortunately very lengthy review, the bottom line is – stay far, far away from this company. If you want to be given the car salesman approach with sleazy sales tactics, long wait periods, and a staff that takes zero responsibility and fails to follow through on their timelines and promises to take care of the customer, then this is the place for you. My wife and I made four visits total to the Dixie Highway location. The first was just to look around, and the store manager, Justin, showed us around the store. He was incredibly pleasant and polite with us, and we had a great time. Our next visit was when our trouble began. We came by again with the intention of buying a couch, but since Justin was out, we were shown around by one of the sales associates, Lee. Lee was nice enough, he sold us on a Jackson catnapper (which by the way turned out to have terrible reviews by the way), and when I mentioned that Justin had said there was wiggle room on the price, plus the 10% military discount they advertise on their store windows, and a free delivery, Lee said they should be able to do that. Great! My wife and I decided to take a little time to think things over, and said we’d be back. Before we left, he also mentioned that they offer price matching for the same couch anywhere in the state. We found later on that Winner Furniture’s own website offered the same couch for $100 less. I found it strange that it was so much cheaper online and wondered why we even needed the store, but given that Lee and Justin had mentioned multiple discounts and a free delivery, we went back a week later. This is where our first issue popped up – we told Lee about the price difference on the website, and asked that they price match at the store as they promised to do. Lee said sure, they’ll price match, but by doing so the price will be so low that they won’t be able to do any discounts or offer free delivery anymore. That really made my wife and I scratch our heads… they proudly display their offer for a 10% military discount, but just because we found a better price on their very own website (seriously?), that discount went away? As did the free shipping they promised us? I understand that they need to make a few bucks on each sale, but if your salesmen are not aware of the prices they offer on their very products, that doesn’t mean you should backtrack on a deal you offered a customer. I also checked the military discount sign and I didn’t see any fine print stating that it’s not valid if your customer takes you up on a deal you offer, like price matching. I was put off by the way Lee handled this situation – he kept making excuses why he couldn’t honor the discounts he promised, the best being that the computer “wouldn’t let him”, the classic blame-your-evil-overlords-for-not-allowing-you-to-give-your-beloved-customers-a-better-deal approach. I wasn’t happy with the price and more importantly with how I was treated, but we figured that we had spent many hours and three trips to the store, might as well just buy the damn thing even if the price wasn’t what we wanted. As we were signing the paperwork, the manager also corrected Lee that delivery would be 4-6 weeks, not 2-3 like he told us. Great. About three weeks later we got a call from one of the Louisville offices saying that our couch was ready for pickup. Great, I said, but we were going to get it from the Radcliff location! We can do that, the voice said, but that’ll be another $25. I just shook my head and paid this new “delivery fee”. I waited a few weeks and called the Radcliff store again to see if our couch had come in. Lee picked up, but only after we called the sales line through their auto prompt system. We had found out the hard way that they don’t pick up any other calls otherwise, it’s the only way to get through to the staff. I wanted to know if the couch had come in to the store and if we could see if it fits in our car, otherwise we’d need to order delivery. Lee left for a few minutes and came back saying he didn’t see it. I asked him if he could figure out where it was, because it should have been sent two weeks ago. He told me that he’s busy and he can’t check, and that I should call the Louisville office tomorrow to find out where it is. This is where I started to get heated. This isn’t how you do business. You apologize for the inconvenience, take down the customer’s information, and promise to follow up and track it down. I asked Lee to do this, but he maintained that I either have to call Louisville, or call him back tomorrow so he can connect me to them. All to find out if the damn thing is located fifty feet away from him inside his store! Enough was enough, I hung up and the next day I called the corporate office in Louisville. I got an incredibly sweet and helpful woman on the phone named Amy. Amy was awesome. As I was telling her about my experience, she expressed dismay at the way the Radcliff location handled my case, and told me that she would take care of it. She said she’s transferring me to someone named Indy, and he would take care of me. Sure enough, Indy picks up and I started explaining my issues with the way Lee handled the sale and our follow up phone calls. I’m going on for a few minutes about all the issues I’ve had and expressing my dissatisfaction, when suddenly a voice chimes in – “this is Lee, I’ve been listening to your call on speaker phone”, and he launches into defending himself. Just to recap – I called the corporate office to complain about the way I was treated by a specific salesman, and how did Winner Furniture handle it? They turned me over to that very salesman, who listened in on. my call without telling me he was on the line. Indy wasn’t on the call anymore, it was just Lee. He refused to do anything to address the situation, so after some back and forth I politely explained that we weren’t going to see eye to eye on this issue and got off the phone. I re-dialed the Louisville office and got Amy agains. I explained how Indy handled my call, and she was in dismay. “That’s unacceptable!” She said. She told me to hold on and that she would have the VP of Sales, Jeremy, call me. Sure enough, I got a call from Jeremy not long after. I told him the entire story again. He echoed Amy’s sentiments, and said he’s driving right down to Radcliff to take care of the matter. He offered me $102 off the sale and free delivery and asked if that would keep my business and make things right. I was satisfied with that. He told me to stay near my phone, that he has to process the refund from the location where my card was swiped for the sale, and that he’d call me in 30 minutes. I never heard back from Jeremy. He never called, and despite dozens (I’m sadly not exaggerating) of calls to Radcliff and Louisville first asking nicely, then demanding firmly that Jeremy call me back to follow through on what he promised, he never did. I called over the span of a whole week. Eventually I got Amy again, and at that point she and multiple customer service reps had “passed my information” along to Jeremy for a call-back. I told Amy that nothing against her – she was awesome – but at this point it had been 8 weeks and no couch, no refund, no nothing. I was going to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office of consumer protection, the BBB, and post on every social media and review site Winner Furniture is on if I don’t get the refund and delivery scheduled today. She sent me over to Justin, the store manager at Radcliff, and he processed my refund. The excuse he gave was that they tried calling me but had my phone number wrong. I found that hard to believe given that I had spoken to half of the entire company’s staff at that point and each of them had my number. Anyways, I got the partial refund and the delivery was scheduled for Thursday. Thursday rolls around – no delivery. My wife calls back and they schedule the delivery for Saturday. Saturday rolls around – no delivery. We drive down to the store at the end of the day to see what the hell is going on. We walk in and the only staff around are Lee, Indy, and another sales associate I don’t know. We ask what happened and are told the truck broke down. The phones must have broken down too, because this was the second missed delivery and no one called us. They all immediately get on the phone and behind the counter and ignore us for about ten minutes, at which point we realize we won’t get any help from them, and even if we didn’t we probably couldn’t trust them, and we left. That was our last dealing with Winner Furniture. It took a total of 8 weeks, dozens of hours of phone calls, trips to the store, and waiting around for deliveries that never happened. We dealt with multiple levels of staff, all the way up to their VP of Sales, and with the exception of Amy in Louisville were disappointed by everyone one of them. And we still didn’t get our couch. Don’t do business with Winner Furniture. Trust us. We’re posting this everywhere we can find Winner Furniture’s name. I’m telling every Soldier at Fort Knox who is new to the area and looking for furniture to stay far, far away from this company. I’m also going to follow through with those consumer protection and BBB complaints. This company needs to be held accountable for the way they treat their customers. I’ve never felt so disrespected and mistreated by a company, and have never taken the time or bother to write out a complaint. Congratulations Winner Furniture, you’re my first. Sincerely, Anton Goldblatt

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