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YMT Vacations / Your Man Tours Complaint

Copy of the letter I sent to YMT: To: Your Man Tours (YMT) CC: Frommer”s Budget Travel, ASTA, USTOA You post the positive reviews… how about a negative & what you did to resolve it? I just finished writing the BBB about my mother-in-law”s experience with your company (Your Man Tours) – in the process of posting on http://www.complaintsboard.com/ as I write this to you. I have copied this email to Frommer”s Budget Travel, American Society of Travel Agents, and United States Tour Operators Association – all names I collected from your website. Then I will do an on line search posting this complaint to anyone & everyone who will publish it (I already belong to 2 national message boards, and several local ones – today am looking for more to listen). My husband spoke *in person* via phone with YMT VP Chuck Supnick earlier today, who, believe it or not, commented “that”s unfortunate” to the issue as explained to him. I am appalled & so mad I could *spit nickels* (as my dear grandmother was fond of saying)! And I am a woman spends a lot of time online!!! I WILL find a way to spread this account!! For you, YMT, This will be “UNFORTUNATE”! My mother-in-law (60+ year old widow) has never traveled. After this experience, she will probably never travel again. She and three of her lady friends booked a tour with an agent in Mississippi through Your Man Tours… looked forward to this vacation for over six months, spent her Christmas money on the deposit. Finally the day (8 June, 2007, yesterday) comes and the ladies are whisked away by loving family and friends to the Monroe, LA airport (about an hour drive from where they live). Who would have? Who could have? …Known that would be the day some fool programmer wrote bad code into the air traffic control computers, shutting down Atlanta, and overloading Salt Lake City? (http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_wires/2007Jun09/0,4675,FlightDelays,00.html) Okay, things happen, flights get delayed/canceled… the airline rerouted the missed connection, and although the ladies had to travel all night, they finally made it to Boston (with all of their luggage, believe it or not). The problems didn”t end there! Last night, my husband called the hotel where the ladies were supposed to stay. He was assured someone would come to collect them in the morning when their new flight arrived and ferry them back to the hotel, no problem. This morning… no shuttle. They called the hotel and were told no one could help them and were advised to take a taxi to the cruise ship terminal at the Port of Boston. Pay for a taxi? Everything including all shuttle transportation was to have been handled through YMT! They totally missed the bus tour of Boston… Okay, never mind that – taxi to cruise terminal. Arrive at Holland America to be told the ship wouldn”t be boarding for several hours. They”d have to wait… which wouldn”t have been so bad IF they hadn”t been traveling all night, IF they had had a decent meal, IF they had rested… and IF they had a decent place to wait! From what I understand, they waited on a bench, outside, all morning and half the afternoon with their baggage around their feet – and with dead cell phones. We finally got hold of Holland America who went through several channels to try to confirm these four elderly ladies eventually actually boarded the ship. They did – no thanks to YMT – who basically took their money, made reservations, and then washed their hands of the rest – saying “that”s unfortunate.” In the online form for my complaint with the BBB, they ask “Desired Outcome”… I wrote – First – an apology (WRITTEN & SIGNED by Pres & VP of YMT) to *each* of these 4 ladies!! Second – minimal reimbursement for at least hotel, shuttle/cab, missed bus tour of Boston & meals incurred due to extended travel situation. Above & beyond – these ladies will probably NEVER travel again due to this experience… the trauma of 4 seniors (who”ve never traveled before) may well be worth the reimbursement of the trip in full! Your Man Tours, Boston Courtyard Marriott & Holland America Cruise are all responsible for the happiness of these patrons and let them down, but especially YMT!! If you would like to confirm this testimonial – contact C Denny cncden AT yahoo.com Respectfully, C Denny (Baton Rouge, LA)

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