Yotsawadee Polwatana Sittimalik goes by many aliases:
Giselle Polwatana
Diane Sittimalik
DiAmr/Diane Visa & Immigration Services
Yotsawadee Polwatana
Prior arrest record:

She is hiding out in Saint Kitts with her Nigerian boyfriend who goes by the name “Amri” real name Miebaka Dix-Fiberesima. They are both staying illegally without legal Visa’s running their Internet, Visa, Website scams. Their IP address is so the local Authorities are very close to capturing and arresting them. Yotsawadee had her US Visa revoked due to fraudulent, false information on a VISA application for her and her Nigerian boyfriend so she has no more US Visa and was deported from the US and can’t return to Thailand for fear of being captured at Thailand Immigrations and turned over to Thailand DSI for arrest for crimes committed in Thailand and various other Asian Countries and the US.

Yotsawadee is a known Clinically Insane Psychopath who creates her scams to feed into her delusional disorder that she runs a multi-million dollar company that employs 100 people and has offices in Dallas TX, New York, Miami, Bangkok Thailand all which us bogus or non existent addresses except one in Florida which is a ship and pack that forwards her mail to Saint Kitts:
3017 Johnson Street, Ste 1374, Hollywood, FL 33021

Do not do business with her, do not work for her, she is a Clinically Insane Psychopath with a delusional disorder. Everything that she types or speaks is 100% false lies and fantasy. Her first tip off that she is a scammer is she uses the excuse that her computer microphone is broken so her Nigerian boyfriend “Amri” can do the typing to work the scam.. I demand $10,000 unpaid salary to emplyees and $100,000 owed to customers who have been scammed. I don’t recommend them

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