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You’ve probably heard of Alex Becker, or watched one of his YouTube ads or seen someone talking about this guy.

He is a digital entrepreneur (sort of) and a scam artist who creates useless products and manipulates others to buy them. He uses flashy products and spends heavily on paid ads to attract potential customers.

He has released a ton of information products, which contain zero or little value, and he has made a fortune through these rubbish products. His company is stealing money from unsuspecting people who are looking for real information from a genuine expert.

My experience with Alex and his products has been pathetic. And when I did a little digging online, I found out that I’m not the only person who feels this way. There are hundreds of dissatisfied customers who have voiced their opinions against Alex and his scams.

Such people are the main reason why people are afraid of doing business online. He is a cheat and a thief. He sells useless products, does fake promises, and delivers poor results.

He has created not one but many rubbish products, which provide the user with no value whatsoever. His software (Market Hero) is too complex for the average user and has a lot of technical issues. His customer service is the worst and you will have to wait for days to get a response.

I wanted to make others aware of Alex’s scams and fishy deeds. If I had known at that time, the things I know about him now, I wouldn’t have wasted my precious earnings on the rubbish products of this guy.

I hope my experience will open your eyes and help you see the true face of Alex Becker. If you’ve been a follower of Alex for some time, you will find this article quite disheartening but sadly, it’s the reality.

Alex Becker Life Story (According to Himself)

Alex Becker has a huge following online throughout the globe. So doubting the credibility of such a popular guy is quite difficult. However, before I begin sharing my experience (and others’), it’s essential that you get to know Alex first.

It will help you see how well he has managed to create his fraudulent business. It will also help you realize how good he is in lying to everyone. He pries on people’s emotions and if you would apply some logic, you will see that Alex starts his lies right from his own bio.

His life story is quite short for a guy this successful. It simply mentions that he is a tech and nutrition entrepreneur. There is no background information given in his bio.

It also shares that he has built multiple businesses which have capital of 6 and 7 figures. It mentions that Alex has helped my business in growing, through his bestselling books and training programs.

For a guy like, Becker, this life bio isn’t sufficient.

It is only there to tell a new visitor about him. If you want to find out more, you will either have to buy one of his books or take part in any one of his courses.

You can also join his emailing list. This scam artist has created a funnel to lure people. He knows that getting into the wallets of people isn’t easy.

So he first tries to build trust with you. He does so by telling you about his past successes and his current level of wealth. This way he gets your attention and convinces you to purchase any one of his products.

He has created something for everyone. If you’re a businessman, he has a software product for you. If you’re a consumer, he has a dietary supplement as well.

The bad news is, all of them are of extremely poor quality. You wouldn’t find anything of value and anything worth spending your cash on when you will get these products. But you would have already invested your money.

He tricks people into buying his products through fake promises and lies. And then, he steals their money. His scams have no end.

Alex Becker, Just give me my REFUND bro!

I had bought a subscription to Alex’s email marketing software called Market Hero. There is a ton of content online from Alex, where he talks about SEO and marketing.

So I thought he has created a genuine product that delivers amazing results. I didn’t have trouble finding it and when I did, I found the landing page to be quite compelling.

I thought Market Hero was the perfect solution for my email marketing problems. Email marketing is quite effective for online businesses and in the long run, it yields great results. I was looking to enhance my business’s reach and improve its lead generation.

So I got a free trial of this software. When I was using it, it worked fine and there weren’t any major issues whatsoever. I was happy and after giving it a try, I thought I should get a paid package. It would had been better for me because with its help, I can grow my mailing list fast and get rid of any kind of hassles in the process.

I made the purchase and everything was great. I bought the $1000 plan for the year. That was a huge mistake.

Trust me USE MAILCHIMP. Don’t think of using Market Hero. When I bought the paid version, I was glad with its performance.

But they released an update after a month’s use and things took a bad turn. My autoresponder stopped working. And my software started losing data. My saved emails weren’t saved properly.

The autoresponder is a Facebook Messenger feature you get when you buy Market Hero. This feature lets you set up automatic responses to customer queries and messages on Facebook Messenger.

When it stopped working, my customers stopped getting any responses to their messages.

The saved emails I lost, they were a part of my online course which I was giving to the new subscribers of my website’s newsletter. My whole schedule got disturbed.

It’s almost as if the update was made to destroy the software.

It became a nightmare. I contacted the customer support. I thought they will help me in getting rid of these problems. I was wrong. I had made the mistake of believing into Alex and his products.

His customer support didn’t respond. When I contacted them through the chat, I just had a conversation with a bot and when the time came to connect with a person, it disconnected because no one was available.

When I contacted them through email, I finally got a response. They told me they will look into teh matter.

I told them about the magnitude of losses I was facing because of their update. Again, I got a similar reply.

I waited for another week. But there was no positive development. So I contacted them again. After 2 days, i got a reply from them saying that ‘they will look into the matter’.

I was enraged. I told them that I don’t want to use their software anymore and I demanded a refund.

But they never responded to that email.

Due to the poor customer support of Alex’s Market Hero, I lost a large chunk of my time and a good deal of money. I could have invested that money in some other sections of my business.

Apart from the loss of money and effort, it cost me customers. Due to this fiasco, I wasn’t able to execute my email marketing strategy properly for a while. My customers weren’t getting any responses on the Facebook Messenger.

I lost a lot of leads during that time.

You might ask, “Why did you even buy the software?”

Because his website promises customer support which replies quickly within a few minutes. According to his website, you can easily get in touch with customer support.

Alex’s company clearly stole $1,000 from me. It might seem like a small amount to some people but for me and my business, it was a lot. I have realized how pathetic his products are and why I shouldn’t buy any of his products in the future.

One might say that the failure of his customer support doesn’t make him the bad guy. But you should note that it’s his company and it states clearly that you get prompt customer support and staff when you purchase their product.

My experience didn’t end there. I thought I should check some of his other products to see how authentic he really is.

So, I got a trial membership of his Source University. Now, this is another major start up from Alex and it is about learning advanced SEO concepts.

When I got access to this course, I was glad. It has a lot of content for the customer. But I already had faced a poor experience with the customer support of an Alex company. So I first checked the quality f the same.

It was great. But there was a huge issue with the Source University.

It encourages the use of black hat and grey hat SEO techniques. Apart from that, it was quite impressive. Let me add that promoting marketing methods which will eventually put the person in trouble isn’t a great thing to do.

In fact, it can cost you a lot if you get caught using any of these tactics. There’s a reason why they are called black hat and grey hat marketing tactics. When found, Google will penalize your site and all of your effort and investment would go in vain.

Still, it wasn’t my main cause of worry.

Having used one of Alex’s products, I was certain that he sells rubbish. He is scamming people through his constant lies and marketing techniques. He does fake promises. His site promised me a great customer support but I got trash.

This one incident with his Source University made me realize what kind of pathetic human being he really is.


His company deducted $400 from my credit card balance right after the free trial ended without notifying me. They did not ask for my permission. They simply took the money from my account.

Their monthly price was $45 but they gave me a discount and gave me a years’ membership.

It was my mistake. I should have known that if one of Alex’s companies can cause me losses then another one can do the same. I was ashamed of myself. I contacted the customer support of this company to get me a refund.

I told them that I did not want to avail the services and that the money was deducted from my account without asking me. They told me that they don’t give refunds and that I have already agreed to their Terms of Service.

That’s when I realized that Alex has created filthy channels for drawing more money towards him. People will blame themselves for overlooking these details and they would end up losing money to him. The winner in the end is always Alex. He gets the money for a service or product which doesn’t do much for the user.

His large number of products and services help him in maximizing the number of his victims. There must be countless people who might have lost money to him but still use his other services. I have realized that Alex Becker is a huge scammer. He is not only lying on his product websites but he is using all kinds of vicious methods to steal money from people.

I have faced a lot of financial losses because of this guy. While the first one was a huge expense for my business the second one struck me personally. I am certain that all of Alex’s products are unworthy of anyone’s time because they are useless and will lead to your financial loss.

Alex Becker is Taking Spamming to the Next Level!

There are many people who hate Alex because of his scams and malicious marketing tactics. Some hate him only because of the way markets himself.

Take a look at his Facebook page for example:

Facebook page of Alex Becker

Facebook Page screenshot of Alex
Facebook Page screenshot of Alex Becker

It highlights him as the ‘Best Looking Marketer’. What is he trying to prove here?

On his website, you will see him standing with a Lamborghini. Again, he is showing off and he is doing that just so will get distracted from his reality. He uses black hat SEO tactics for marketing his own brands and as I’ve discussed earlier, he teaches these black hat SEO tactics to others through his courses as well.

There are many victims of Alex’s poor products and wrongful methods of stealing money. Before he had a trial available for his email marketing tool (Market Hero), he used to have a 30-day refund policy for the new users.

He has stolen money from many people through that 30-day refund policy. When his scam got exposed and many people started calling him out for this fake policy, he changed the policy and now he offers a free trial of the software to reach new users.

In my personal experience, his software is still useless and unworthy of your time and money. It cost me a fortune in money, effort and resources. After its recent update, I lost ton of customers and leads because it stopped working properly with my website. My marketing strategies and plans all went to waste. This crappy software ruined my email marketing endeavour and I never got any compensation for the damages this software cost me.

Tons of BBB Complaints on Alex Becker & his companies!

There are multiple complaints registered against Alex Becker’s companies on the Better Business Bureau as well. And one more thing, his company ‘Market Hero’ is not accredited to BBB. This should be enough evidence for you to stay away from this company and this guy’s products.

No BBB Accreditation!

If you want to find some more opinions of his past customers, I suggest heading to Trustpilot. You will find some useful and insightful reviews there discussing the various ways he cheats people and betrays their trust. And it is so when he has paid many reviewers to give him a positive rating.

The web has plenty of websites where you will find a detailed positive review of his products. The reviewer discusses the minus points but tends to overlook their importance. I should have read plenty of reviews of Alex’s products before making any decision. His marketing tactics involve showing off various rich toys and ensuring that the person remains distracted.


The Trustpilot reviews of Market Hero share the different kinds of pains people face because of the poor technology used in it. One customer wanted a refund because he was no longer able to use the product. However, like in my case, the company refused to give him a refund because his trial has ended.

One reviewer says that their terms of service are unethical. They deliberately took money from his account even when he did not want to use the software. This complainer also mentioned that he was going to report Market Hero and its staff to the State of Texas Attorney General. You can see that I’m not the only person who has lost money due to the vague terms of service and a deceiving customer support of Alex’s companies.

Another customer faced a similar problem. He set up his Shopify store with the help of the course. But the course is so poorly designed, that it did not help him much in the set up of the store and its optimization. It took him 30 days of the trial to set up his store properly. As his free trial was about to end, he ended his subscription. Now, the company says taht it will give you your credit card balance back if you cancel the subscription in time.

He waited to receive the amount when he didn’t, he contacted customer support. The customer support said that he hadn’t asked for the credit when he canceled the subscription so they didn’t release it. So he requested for the same. As a reply to his request they sent him a 10-page form, in which he had to add the screenshots of his progress. But because he had canceled his subscription, he wasn’t able to access the software and so, he couldn’t get the screenshots.

Clearly, Alex’s companies cheat people by lying to them first. He has created vicious scamming methods to cheat all kinds of people in multiple ways. He is a complete fraud and if you would ask me, I would say you should stay away from him and his companies.

He uses social media to lure more victims. People on those platforms are unaware of these complaints and so they trust this guy easily.


Alex Becker's Instagram page
Alex Becker’s Instagram page

He has over 200k subscribers on YouTube and a similar number of followers on Instagram. This number is depressing because it shows that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are getting scammed or will get scammed by this fraudster.


Alex Becker's YT channel
Alex Becker’s YT channel

He runs expensive ads, shows off expensive cars and markets himself as an expert. This lures many people who haven’t seen his past customer’s complaints. It’s sad but it’s working.

Alex Becker is a HUGE SCAMMER!

Alex Becker is a huge scammer and he has created multiple businesses to cheat people. My company lost a hefty amount of profits as well as a great deal of leads because of the faults present in his software, Market Hero.

And when I tried his SEO teaching academy, Source University, I got scammed once again. His company stole $400 from me and did not give me a refund when I asked for it. Alex is running a large scale fraud and that’s why it is vital to expose him.

He has cheated numerous people and he doesn’t feel any remorse for his actions. It shows how wicked, heartless and evil Alex Becker is in reality. I hope my article helped you in seeing the true face of this criminal and it will help you in making an informed decision regarding his companies and products.

The real question is, has social media made such scam artists more powerful? Shouldn’t they be stopped before they harm hundreds or in this case, thousands of people?


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