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Do not get solar from Belmont Solar! I made the mistake back in 2017 and I’m still paying for it today. The v#rus has made life worse than ever and the efficiency of the panels I bought from Belmont Solar has dropped by 30-40%! I’m not exaggerating fellas. I know it sounds unbelievably bad but it is the truth. I was persuaded into buying the solar panels from this company by one of their sales members. They “guaranteed” that I would be saving more than $1,700 per year on top of free electricity if I get solar panels. The deal sounded pretty good to me. I recently had gotten a promotion and so I was in kind of a good mood. If I had any idea about what kind of s#itty panels this company sells, I would’ve never bought them.

The first time the efficiency took a major hit was in 2018 and when I contacted their office, they said I just needed to clean the panels. When I told them that I clean them every morning they told me that they would send a technician shortly. That technician never arrived. A couple of days later I went to the office and I found out that they forgot to send the technician. I wasn’t angry, it was a careless act but forgivable. They told me that I should get a 3rd party guy to take a look at the panels as their staff was busy. So I did that. This technician told me that I’ve been scammed.

The company sold me used batteries and even the installation of the panels is suboptimal. I was shocked. He advised me to talk to the company and get my money back before it gets too late. I called the office and asked for the owner Ben. When I asked Ben about this, he threw a fit. He got angry and after random blabbering, hung up the phone. When I tried to call him, he always declined it. 

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Belmont Solar Instagram
Belmont Solar Instagram

I called the sales guy who sold me those worthless panels and he told me that Belmont Solar is not going to give me any kind of refund. They put the whole blame on me. They said that it was my fault. HOW IS IT MY FAULT THAT YOU SOLD ME USED BATTERIES?!?! I’m stuck with the crap panels and even crappier batteries. The efficiency of the system is shockingly low now and it keeps on dropping! I feel betrayed by the company. 

“Sold me used batteries and low quality panels. No Reimbursement for their mistakes. The rude owner doesn’t address the issue.”


3376 Harvest Dr, Gordonville, PA 17529


+1 717-768-7796


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Belmont Solar scammed me! Avoid them at all costs. Please do not let their sales people fool you with their sweet offers and unbelievable claims!

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  • Sold me used batteries
  • Refuse to repair or replace the pathetic panels
  • Sales team of Pathological Liars
  • Rude owner

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