Brett Hoge

Brett Hoge doesn’t know how to talk to clients

I hired Brett to look after the finances of my company some time ago.

The guy doesn’t know how to behave and how to talk to clients. During our meetings, he would remain busy talking on the phone or forget what the meeting was even about. I don’t know what’s the issue with the guy but all I know is he needs to learn some basic manners. I had arranged three meetings with that guy, on two of them he was late, and on the third one, he sent someone else in his place. I have been a service provider for years and I know how valuable client service is, I also know how a service provider should treat his or her customers but I believe Brett has never learned those concepts.

Why is Brett Hoge a Narcissist?

Brett is a financial advisor. He is the senior MD at BB&T Stringfellow. He has received multiple awards as a financial advisor including the title of being in Top Financial Advisors’ list of Forbes (or Barron’s I don’t really remember at the moment). These achievements and awards have gone to his head and he is no longer a normal professional. He might’ve been a great guy some decade ago but right now, he is just a narcissistic idiot who needs to learn how to talk to customers.

I found out about Brett through one of my friends. I had requested my friend to find me a good financial advisor because I saw his success. And he recommended me to hire Brett Hoge.

My people checked him out and he seemed like a great fit. The guy has many accomplishments and accolades to his name so I thought yeah, let’s give him a try. 

We arranged a meeting and he was supposed to meet me for his pitch. In the first meeting he made me wait for an hour. Yes, he was late by an hour. Moreover, he didn’t even apologize for being late. Instead of apologizing, he made up some excuses. Anyway, I let it go because anyone can get stuck in traffic, it’s not unusual.

The meeting was brief because I had another meeting with one of my clients but Brett had made some impression on my staff; they were impressed. Although I was a little skeptical, they recommended that I should set another meeting and finalize things. 

I didn’t know that a financial advisor could be this incompetent and inconsiderate of his clients, until that second meeting. 

For our second meeting Brett was half an hour late. This time too, he made up excuses and blamed the traffic for being late. He was supposed to pitch me and yet he couldn’t even make it in time. You don’t make your client wait for 30 minutes if you want that client to pay you. But my nightmare hadn’t ended then, it was just starting. 

Brett can’t stay away from his mobile. He kept getting calls from other people, I don’t know who they were, but it was a little insulting. Actually, it was very insulting. He wouldn’t listen to me while I was speaking just so he could attend a phone call. And due to this, the meeting, which was supposed to last only for an hour, took up two hours of my time.

The meeting didn’t reach any conclusion too. Because Brett kept getting phone calls from unknown people, I told him that either he shut it (the phone) off or leave me alone. This little statement hurt Brett’s ego. I have already mentioned how the guy doesn’t know anything about customer support and satisfaction. Instead of apologizing for his insulting behaviour he told me that he is a busy guy and he doesn’t apologize for his work. 

That was it, I was not going to hire a person who doesn’t respect his clients. But his assistants and his other staff members kept requesting my team members to arrange a meeting. They hoped that they would get our account and they kept apologizing so I gave them another try. 

Brett however hadn’t learnt a thing. He was supposed to meet me but he sent one of his subordinates instead. That was the final nail in the coffin. 

I can’t tolerate such narcissistic and insulting behaviour. I met the subordinate he sent me and I realised that he had sent me a newbie. That lady didn’t know anything about the nature of my work, the services I required, and my requirements.

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I believe he sent an intern or a newbie because his ego was still hurt by that comment I made in our last meeting.

After that meeting ended his company contacted me multiple times; they thought they would still get our account. But I told my people to reject them and told them that we will never ever hire that lunatic. 

Brett Hoge needs to go back to school so that he can learn about the basics of customer support and customer service. The fact that he can’t even silent his phone during a meeting says enough about the man’s perception of his clients. He doesn’t respect the people that pay him. He thinks he is above everyone else and is clearly a narcissist. I warn my friends and colleagues about Brett and that’s why I thought it was necessary to share my personal experience here too. Why should others suffer the lunacy of a crazy financial advisor? 

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Brett Hoge lacks any compassion or manners. His behavior towards his clients is borderline toxic. Please avoid Brett Hoge!

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