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Briley Media is a DAB of Yoobly Inc. they rebranded under different names so they can hide the real truth about their company owned by Mariko B*** and Dustin B***. This company should be seriously investigated by BBB and shut down. All of their advertisements as well as their staff promise to deliver highly qualified leads.

I sign up with Briley Media on Feb 16 2020 I spoke on the phone with Mike B** on Feb 14 2020 which first tried to charge me 7000$ to sign up with them, this company doesn’t have a regulated set price, they just throw the numbers to see how much they can take from you, after I backed up he started making promises to take my business to the next level and a High-quality services offering me their services for 5000$. They failed to uphold their end of our contract. Straight from the contract ”Our goal is to get it delivering qualified appointments to you ASAP”.

They launched my ad on March 26 sending me an email I only ever received 1 ad(which our contract is 3 ads) I didn’t hear from them since my welcome call on 2/18/2020 in the contract they failed to deliver- Days 14-30:

2-week check-in call via zoom
Review Funnel / Gather Feedback
Walk through Acuity to understand:
Where to see appointments as they come in.

How to setup your availability.
How to sync your personal calendar to avoid double bookings. I never received this zoom call training. They never did the Ad review call via zoom with me that the is stated by them to be ”Conducted within 1-2 weeks of your ad going live”.

After the delivery of the campaign they stated ”We will be calling you once a week to review the status of your campaign, and asnwer any questions you may have.”That never happen. They did not offer training sessions I was lead to believe they would. After I didn’t heard from the company or any booked call on April 1 2020 at 1pm I booked a call with Kara M**telling her all my concerns she told me not to worry my ads were doing just fine and that I had calls coming in, all the leads generated were no shows! I keep seen more red flags I booked another call on April 7 2020 at 12:30 with Kara M** and she stated the same thing promise after promise things that they never delivered that my ads were doing amazing without listening to my concerns.They did not address any concerns or complaints I had throughout the process.

There were several calls made between the ad account manager and I throughout April and May these calls where all concerns and complaints. The few booked calls that were answered where with people who could not afford the business and those were not qualified leads as promise and advertise. In my welcome call I went over with Michael M* what type of people I want my ad to be targeting. I choose Single moms, business owners, stay at home moms, motivated, Spanish speakers, self-starters, makeup artists, hairstylists, spa owners, aestheticians, between the age of 25-50.

Every time I got on the phone to address my concerns and the no shows call they will just raise my ads without consulting me they were overcharging my credit over 1030$ on ads with no results on top of that they were charging me 297$ a Month for click funnels when I talked to Mariko over the phone she told me 97$ which I have the proof of all charges on my bank statements. I was lied to during the sales process and misled throughout the rest of the process. I was coachable and followed all instructions. I had 40 booked and 31 no shows! This all happened to during Covid19 where I lost my job and gave my saving away to this company making false promises during this hard time taking advantage of the necessity of hard-working people with no remorse. After I submitted a formal complaint and request to resolve the situation this was repeatedly denied and my calls where being cancels exactly an hour before my appointment.

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Briley Media is taking advantage of desperation of the middle class people. They have no shame, guilt or morality of any kind!

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  • Unbelivably BAD Customer Service
  • Lies on top of Lies
  • Fake Claims
  • Lazy Staff
  • Careless!

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