Chornyak & Associates

Charge Fees But Don’t Provide Services

Joseph Chornyak (also known as Joe Chornyak) is running a scam. His company, Chornyak & Associates charged me thousands of dollars without providing me with any services whatsoever. Their online wealth management is a disgrace and a total sham. These people claim to offer digital meetings with their experienced wealth advisors but even after paying them multiple times, I didn’t get a single meeting with them. 

Website of Chornyak and Associates
Website of Chornyak and Associates

They make huge claims and make themselves seem like caring and genuine professionals. But Joseph and his team members are greedy and complacent. They don’t treat their customers fairly. 

They are Running a scam. I had opted for their online account. They charged me fees without doing anything. I had to get rid of them because their online account management sucks

Joseph Chornyak Sr. – Managing Partner at Chornyak & Associates

I should give a little more details on who this guy is so you wouldn’t confuse Joe with someone else. Joseph Chornyak is the Managing Partner at Chornyak & Associates. He has around 30 years of experience in the finance industry and has worked with many people. I think he has grown lazy or his firm is filled with lazy douchebags who don’t know how to talk to customers properly. 

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Maybe he used to be great when he was young or maybe his son (Joseph Chornyak Jr.) is ruining his father’s work. In any case, I was the one who lost the most because of their laziness. 

My Terrible Experience With Chornyak & Associates

When I hired Joseph and his company I did not expect them to be so unprofessional and inaccessible. I live in a different state than those guys so I had opted for their online wealth management system. It seemed quite innovative to me so I was very interested in using it. 

I had read about Joseph online and I was very fond of his work. Nonetheless, I had no idea that he would be an irresponsible and careless wealth advisor

I had hired them some time ago. And I got to meet with a random associate there once through the digital wealth management system. That meeting was just for introductions and did not actually lead to anything but I was happy that at least things got started. If I had known that it would be the only meeting I would have with my supposedly professional financial advisors then I wouldn’t have paid them at all. 

After that meeting, I tried to get another one with those people. 

We had an appointment and they were supposed to meet me at a designated time. But at the time of the meeting they were unavailable. They cited some technical errors for this fault and told me that they can arrange another meeting a week later. 

I said,”Ok, no problem,” and thought I would get to meet my advisers in the next week. 

Lo and behold they were unavailable at that time too. This time they claimed that there was some technical error from my side and that was the main reason why I couldn’t need my advisors. 

You can understand how irritating it would have been for me especially when they were charging me thousands of dollars every month. 

I had already paid them a substantial amount of money by then and I was getting frustrated. 

I told them that if I didn’t get to meet any advisor in our next meeting, I would have to fire them because so far I had paid them for literally no services availed.

The customer service representative who was talking to me was very apologetic and told me that I don’t need to get angry. However they disappointed me again when I couldn’t meet any wealth advisors let alone Joseph for whom I was paying thousands of dollars.

Unlike my expectations. They turned out to be one of the worst service providers I have ever hired. They requested to remain patient for some weeks and promised me that I would get a refund if they fail. So, I gave them a final chance.

Can you guess what they did? They stopped responding. The customer service rep who was very apologetic and sympathetic turned into a rude guy within a few days. 

I tried everything, I contacted them through email and phone but they wouldn’t respond to me. I lost all the money I had paid them. Not only are they highly expensive, they don’t offer any services to their digital customers too. I wonder how they treat their customers in meetings and events. 

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I think they don’t have the necessary infrastructure to offer digital wealth management services to their clients. Apart from that, I had requested them to arrange a phone call with Joe or any senior advisor but they forgot that too. Either that, or they just don’t care much about their customers. 

Chornyak & Associates Review Verdict

Chornyak & Associates is a terrible wealth management company which doesn’t respect its customers. Their customer relations managers don’t know anything about decency or manners. I don’t recommend their services to anyone. I hope this review would’ve helped you in making an informed decision about these thieves. 

You can spend your money elsewhere and save yourself from a lot of embarrassment and loss. These people are remorseless scammers who charge numerous fees but don’t offer any services. 

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Chornyak & Associates charged me thousands of dollars without providing any services. Their online services are way worse. Don’t Waste Your Money On Them.

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