David Mabie

David is never available. He is too arrogant to work with.

If you want a financial advisor who is never available for a meeting or a call then I recommend you to hire David Mabie. 

He is, by far, the worst professional I have ever hired. Whenever my team would get him an appointment with me, he would either be absent or arrive too late. I have listed out my detailed experience below so you can understand why he is not worth your account. 

Who is David Mabie

David Mabie is a Partner at Chicago Capital LLC. He is a finance advisor with experience of more than 2 decades. He is among the founders of Chicago Capital LLC and has received a lot of recognition from Forbes and Barron’s for his work. To be eligible to become his client, your account should be of a minimum $2 million. It’s understandable then, why this guy is so arrogant.

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I hired David because of his experience and expertise; I didn’t know him and I didn’t get any recommendations.

My experience with David Mabie

David has a great name and reputation in the market but that all is just an illusion. In reality, David is a terrible professional who has a pathetic work ethic. When I had hired him I hoped he would be a great financial advisor. What do you expect from a financial advisor? You’d expect that he is always available for meetings and helps you in making better financial decisions. 

I had hired him with these expectations but he disappointed me. For our first meeting David didn’t show up. He was supposed to arrive at 4 p.m. at my office. But he didn’t. 

His assistant told me that David got caught up in traffic and that’s why he couldn’t make it to my meeting. However it felt infuriating at that time. 

The next time I went to his office and I had an appointment with him but he was too busy talking to someone else in his office. I waited for around an hour there. His audacity was mind blowing. He called me the next day and started claiming that he was waiting for me there all along. When I pointed out that I waited there for an hour he just made it seem like I was lying and didn’t even listen to me. He is too arrogant to be a financial advisor and that’s what I found out that day. 

However his team was doing good work so I didn’t consider firing him. 

But when I called him a few days later because I still had not met him, I found that he had blocked me. I have never heard of a financial advisor who blocks a client. When I contacted his team they told me that he was on a vacation. I asked them when he is supposed to return from his vacation but they didn’t give a satisfactory reply. They just said that he is gone for a few weeks. I didn’t know what they meant by a few weeks. I wanted a better clarification which they didn’t provide me with. 

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You can understand my frustration at that time. It had not even been a few months and my financial advisor was already on a vacation indefinitely. On top of that, I had not met the guy who was getting paid thousands of dollars by me. Put yourself in my position and try to contemplate it. What would you do if your wealth management advisor was this arrogant?

I decided that I did not need his services anymore so I got rid of him. 

His company has been requesting me to reconsider and hire those guys again but I have already made up my mind. I don’t work with such narcissistic and arrogant people. 

David did not even try to get our account back. I am pretty sure he is blinded by his arrogance. 

He can’t think straight and he can’t accept his shortcomings. I hired him because I considered him to be a great professional. If anybody had told me that David is actually an arrogant fool I wouldn’t have wasted my money on him. There are hundreds of financial advisors in the market. I don’t need to waste my money on feeding someone else’s ego. 

The mere fact that David can’t even apologize for his mistakes has he can’t even accept his mistakes shows just how deluded he is. I know someone might not believe the things I have said here about David. After all, he is among the top wealth advisors in our country. But just because he has a few awards doesn’t mean his customer service is that great. People should know the truth behind all of this pomp and show. 

There is literally nothing on the internet that shows the truth behind David and his customer service. 

David Mabie Review Verdict

I only wanted to expose David Mabie and make sure that others know his reality too. David needs to learn to respect his customers and focus more on client service. He might be an excellent advisor at some time, but right now, he is just an arrogant and irritating service provider. 

Don’t waste your hard-earned money and savings on a self-obsessed person like David. 

Total Score

David is too full of himself. I had never worked with such an arrogant and irritating financial advisor and I don’t recommend his services to anyone.

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  • Egoist
  • Lazy
  • Misses Meetings
  • Never Accepts His Own Mistakes

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