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I really wanted to love my experience with Havertys. It seems silly but I have fond memories of shopping there with family and getting really great stuff. In fact, my parents still have some things they purchased years ago. The quality has always been known to be excellent. We needed to furnished our new place almost completely because of selling our home furnished.

Havertys Furniture Review

When we went in (early July 2020) due to Covid we were told things could take up to 8 weeks and that ordering anything that wasn’t on the floor (color wise) would be a custom order. Therefore, we ordered what we were told was considered in stock and not custom. The bed arrived timely. However,  it arrived damaged and my husband tried to negotiate how to resolve it. Before receiving a call back about how it would be resolved delivery of a new headboard came without notice that that’s what it was. We thought they were delivering one of the two sofas we purchased.

Horrible & Lazy Customer Service

Ok lack of communication strike one. Fast forward 8 weeks. We called to see the status of our two sofas. We were told by Havertys staff that the sleeper sofa would be available anytime, but the main sofa had no delivery date. What? So we called the store and we were told that it would not be available until October. This is a problem because my parents whom I haven’t seen in a year are scheduled to visit at the end of September. Both they and we have been quarantining to as to safely visit. This was not acceptable. The salesman then Offered to switch us to the same sofa in a different color that was available.

We complied.

On the date of delivery two Havertys movers/employees came and determined it would not fit In the elevator as I was then told “we only have 12 minutes to deliver this, now we will be really behind”.  This is a far cry from the white glove delivery service sold to us at the store. They said they’d need another guy to get it upstairs. They did not stop to look at the staircase which is quite large and spacious for moving.

Lazy & Careless Employees

My husband called customer service who told him to send pictures of the staircase to be reviewed by the manager to approve getting the sofa up this way. He’d be contacted in 48 hours. 24 hours passed the 48 hour mark and no call. At that point my husband calls and also wants to know the status of the sleeper sofa. Now we are told that 1. No one has reviewed the pictures and 2. The sleeper sofa now is not coming until October, maybe, when we kept hearing it was coming anytime end of August,  early September.

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We asked to speak to the store manager about the sleeper and the store receptionist said “well she can’t tell you any more than what I have.” I said my husband just has a few questions. She took my number and end of day, no one called back. Then, on the phone with customer service regarding the sleeper we asked what the process is for a refund and they proceed to tell us that’s not possible because the sleeper is a custom order.

No it’s not because the salesman said it was not.  No solution there.

My husband was then again told that the pictures for the main sofa would be reviewed and to call again tomorrow. That will be tomorrow 9-11-2020. We might have to hire movers to get the sofa if they determine they can’t deliver. It’s 3 or 4 cities over to do this. Havertys May have been a great company 15 years ago but to date I see nothing but a lack of customer service. COVID-19 or not.  

Havertys Review Verdict

Now that I’ve had this experience I’ve read Many other reviews stating the same issues. I shopped based on nostalgia and their reputation for quality products. Never again!

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There are other options for furniture who understand the next generation of consumer.

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  • Careless customer service
  • Extreme degradation from before in quality

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