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Do Not Do Business With HeatherMcKee.com or MEC Creative LLC in San Diego

In March/April of 2020, I was searching for a new business to purchase. After searching on bizbuysell.com I found an ad for the same as a complete commerce business which was to be a turnkey website. This was supposed to be a fitness retail website and included an affiliate account to Nike among others. I spoke with Heather McKee on the phone and she represented herself as the owner of the website for sale as a principal of MEC Creative and MEC Complete, all based out of San Diego, California.

After a brief conversation (red flag 1) where Heather McKee was happy to sell me the site that I was told was turnkey, but not given the domain name (red flag 2) for a total amount of $7,000 which required a down payment of $3,000 and then $99 per month until paid off. However, I was required to use their hosting through MEC Complete Managed Hosting for one year.

After several days of waiting I was provided a “Bill of Sale” that looked like it was written that day (red flag # 3) and I did grow a little concern but since I had spoken to Heather a couple of times and I had reviewed her Mom Blog on HeatherMcKee.com, I figured that it was not a scam and paid the $3,000.

Now that she had my funds, Heather McKee finally gave me the domain name to the site. I was disappointed to find out that the site looked like nothing more than a Woo Commerce template that had a total of 6 items! This was supposed to be a turnkey business yet there was no products, no branding, no logo, no supporting pages. A home page with 6 products that probably took 1 hr to create was definitely not worth the money I agreed to.

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Unfortunately during this time I was laid off from my home and had an extended family member contract Covid-19 and pass away. This required me to travel to help handle the affairs of the deceased. At this point, nothing had been done for me to take possession of the site. The site was never put in my name, I was never given access to it and really there was nothing to do.

Upon my return home I contacted Heather McKee and explained to her that I no longer had the financial wherewithal due to my losing my job and do the COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing. Considering that no work had been done, I had never taken possession and that we were living through an unprecedented national crisis in which my family was already grieving a death that Heather McKee and MEC Complete and MEC Creative would understand that the right thing to do would be to cancel the purchase agreement. Understanding that everyone’s time is valuable I offered to have her keep $500 which would have calculated out to more than $75/hr.

I thought it would be simple as I had hoped during this time all of us would act with compassion and refund the money. Not Heather. Heather told me I had to still proceed with the contract. I explained that I cannot financially do this and even more important than the funds she had could be helpful during a time when I am supporting a family of 6 on unemployment.

I did not receive a reply. I sent another message, again asking to rescind, asking for a refund, reminding her of my financial situation and this time I offered for her to keep $1000 so that I could recoup the $2,000 and help pay my mortgage.

I did not even receive a reply.

I finally asked a third time for her to rescind the contract, refund the money, and reminded her of my financial plight and gave her the deadline of July 17, 2020. As of today, I have not received a reply. I will be filing a small claims case which I hope to at least win a judgment for my funds back but the fact that this person won’t show a sliver of compassion for another person who is struggling to provide for his family which she sells these cheap sites on business broker websites for $7,000 and runs a blog that shows off her good fortune on HeatherMckee.com is disgusting.

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If you come across Heather Mckee, Heather Mckee.com, MEC Complete or MEC Creative DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. THEY PUT THEIR OWN GREED AHEAD OF MY FAMILy’s NEED. Do business with good people. I thought she would have been one but I have been proven wrong as she is choosing her own profit over my attempt to provide for my family. I have to wonder what their financial situation must be if they would knowingly let someone suffer while they hold $3000 for a website I NEVER TOOK POSSESSION OF.

Ask yourself what kind of person would keep an amount that means everything to someone else just because they want to pretend they are rich? You would hope that during a time when we all need to be better to each other Heather McKee is content with knowing my family suffers. Sickening.

I pray that this complaint will be found by others who might do business with heather McKee and stop them from having to deal

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If you come across Heather Mckee, Heather Mckee.com, MEC Complete or MEC Creative DO NOT DO BUSINESS IWTH THEM. THEY PUT THEIR OWN GREED AHEAD OF MY FAMILY’s NEED.

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