Marcus Beverly – Ponzi Fraudster

Marcus (Edwin) Beverly has tons of judgements and UCC filings against him. Look him up.

Marcus Beverly strikes again. Recent accounts of Marcus and his business, BT3 Capital Management, illustrate an evolution of the financial scam that he and Douglas Kohl have been running. Marcus Beverly’s scam has long been focused on building and managing credit. To recap, Marcus, his brothers Kael and Taveres, and his business partner Douglas Kohl prospect victims to defraud by offering credit lines and debt management solutions. They promote the scam through several websites that target desperate borrowers. The scam wrings these individuals out of hard earned savings and hope and leaves them worse than how they started. BT3 Global Management will take out credit accounts in these individuals names and then borrow against them. There is no intention to do anything to repay these but they will stiff their “customers” with the bill. Thus far, Marcus and his businesses have been able to get away with the scam. It has now come to light that they have started a new scam, this time targeting the elderly.

BT3 Capital Management has added investment strategy to their “business.” The Beverly’s and Kohl are specifically targeting the elderly with phony investment scams. Victims are approached about can’t miss investment schemes to either bolster retirement savings for insecure retirees or securing larger inheritances for their family. The Beverly’s diversity in scheme comes from a need to pay rising legal costs and more awareness brought to their credit scams. The Beverly’s specially target churchgoing Christians for their scheme. Once again, the scam enables them to lean on their Christian folksiness and charm. They have mastered the ability to isolate and approach potential victims. Once a victim has been spotted the scam relies on them from being able to separate victims from groups that might be able to either advise against entrusting the Beverly’s or advise restraint and further research. Unfortunately, once their investors are isolated, for many, it’s too late.

The investment scheme borrows from the credit scam in that it promises unreal results. Marcus and his cohorts tantalize potential investors with annual returns of over 10%. The returns are compared favorably above the returns of the S&P 500 and most money market rates, benchmarks that many of their investors use to measure the performance of their money. With volatility in money market rates over the last several years along with the roller coaster performance of the stock market recently, Marcus makes a point of highlighting how “safe” these investments are. Essentially he is selling victims in investing in BT3 Global Management who, Marcus claims, makes pivotal investments in emerging small businesses. These small businesses, Marcus claims, are underfunded innovators that just need capitol infusion and some marketing luck to help them become household names and industry leaders. Hallmark to their scams is the aggressive push to move quickly. This prevents the victim from spending too much time thinking about the opportunity and speaking with anyone about the offer.

There have been a few reports of Marcus gathering investments totaling over $200,000 from investors. While these investments haven’t failed yet, it is only a matter of time. Marcus Beverly and Douglas Kohl have a history of promising grand results and disappearing once those results don’t materialize. If the same pattern is to be followed as the credit scams that they are pulling, it is doubtful that these investments have even been invested to anything other than Marcus Beverly and Douglas Kohl’s pockets. This might be their worst scam yet as they will likely leave several of these investors penniless and left only with a fixed income of social security. This is a despicable evolution to their “business” and it must be exposed before they defraud any more victims.

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