Marcus Beverly Runs a Ponzi Scheme

Marcus Beverly is a cold-hearted thief who preys on the vulnerable and the unsuspecting. He stole over $70,000 from me, ruining my credit score of 780 and leaving me in financial ruin. He scammed me with loans and purchases on credit cards, all while feeding me lies about “company troubles” and promising to help me start a business.

I met him through a supposed friend in 2013, and by late 2014, I was receiving calls from debt collectors. In 2015, I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. I tried to report him to the Mohave County sheriff, but they refused to take my case seriously. It wasn’t until I contacted the Secret Service in Phoenix and the LA County Sheriff that anyone listened to me.

But even then, justice was elusive. Beverly played the system expertly, manipulating it to his advantage. I received threats against my life, and I wasn’t the only one. Another person came forward with a similar story, and we both discovered that Beverly had scammed many others as well.

Marie from United Credit Repair in Florida was another victim of Beverly’s deceit. He stole from her, just as he stole from me, but he also put braces on his kids and got his foreign wife citizenship with our money!

I may have moved on and started rebuilding my life, but I can’t forget what he’s done to me and others. I have bank statements and records that prove his guilt, but the sheriff won’t do anything about it. It’s infuriating to see Beverly getting away with his crimes year after year.

I dream of the day when karma catches up with him. I’m sure he’ll keep doing this to others unless he’s stopped. If you’ve been scammed by Marcus Beverly, please contact me. Maybe we can take action together and make sure this criminal finally faces justice.

I made the unfortunate mistake of getting involved with Marcus Beverly. At the time, I was seeking a consolidation loan, and Marcus came across as a savvy professional with a lot of great ideas. He promised to take care of all my financial problems, and I was lured in by his slick tongue.

He made all sorts of promises, including paying off my existing debts, improving my credit score, handling my taxes, and even providing me with residual income. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Marcus was nothing more than a smooth-talking con artist.

From the very beginning, Marcus failed to deliver on his promises. Credit card statements were consistently late or not paid at all, and the payments that were made were only the minimum required amount. Despite repeated assurances that he was taking care of everything, creditors continued to call, text, and email me, demanding payment.

I wanted to believe that Marcus was just experiencing some hiccups and would sort things out eventually. However, after six months of ongoing problems, I had no choice but to cancel his services.

It soon became clear that Marcus was not just a charlatan but a master manipulator. He knew exactly what he was doing, and his con was almost legal. The damage he caused to my finances was nothing short of catastrophic. My debt had almost tripled, my credit score was in ruins, and I was left feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I had fallen for his deceitful tactics.

I sought legal counsel and am now filing for bankruptcy because of Marcus’s actions. It’s going to take years to rebuild my credit and recover from the damage he caused. I later learned that I wasn’t the only victim of Marcus’s scams, and that he had done this to many other people.

Marcus Beverly is a bad person who preys on the vulnerability of others. He has caused untold damage to people’s lives and must be held accountable for his actions. If you’ve been a victim of his scams, I urge you to take legal action against him.

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