Marcus Beverly – Scumbag Thief

Make sure before doing business with Marcus you do a background search into all of the judgements and UCC filings there are against him.

Marcus Beverly, known financial scammer and fraudster, continues to advertise his business of helping financially imperiled individuals with their credit and financial freedom. Beverly is known for his ability to charm his victims and talk them into borrowing well beyond what is needed as well as relinquishing the control of their credit accounts to him. Alongside his partner, Douglas Kohl, Beverly has defrauded Americans out of over $4 million dollars. Until now, Beverly has been able to operate with impunity but several of his former victims are starting to unite and take action against the two fraudsters. There is currently a class action lawsuit being prepared against BT3 Capital Management and BevTechIT naming both Marcus Beverly and his partner Douglas Kohl as the main plaintiffs. Marcus Beverly, not one to fear lawsuits, remains undeterred by the threats. The group uniting to spread awareness about Beverly and file this class lawsuit is not motivated by the prospect of winning million dollar judgements against Beverly (Beverly has already been successfully sued by several corporations) but rather with the hope that the potential media awareness of a large civil suit might help to shut Beverly’s practice and any practices like these down.

Even if it is to be believed that Marcus Beverly is earnest in his desire to help people with their finances, he is not exactly the best person in the world to be teaching money management and responsibility with credit. A simple google search regarding he and his wife, Masayo, turns up two different eviction lawsuits. One was filed against the couple in 2011 in Pasadena, California by BRE Properties. Beverly and his wife were successfully sued once again for eviction by Ian Williams in 2018, this time in Chatsworth, California. It is sad that most of Beverly’s victims did not see these published lawsuits, but that is what makes Beverly so dangerous. He has the ability to charm people to the point where they neither have the desire to do their due diligence nor the time. This is a hustle game for Marcus where he puts significant pressure on his “customers” to act quickly. This leads his victims to hastily sign contracts without realizing what they are giving up. Sadly the law, to this point, shields Marcus from facing criminal punishment. Frustratingly, law enforcement lacks the tools to fully prosecute fraudsters like Beverly who defraud others within the confines of contracts.

The Beverly family along with their partner, Douglas Kohl, do not have any ethical boundaries with their business. They will hurt defraud and take from anyone that meets with them. There are thousands of businesses and services out there that claim to help people with their finances and credit. Unfortunately, many of those businesses operate like BT3 Global and BevTechIT and exist with a mission statement to take everything that they can from their customers rather than to help others actually meet their financial goals. If you are looking for services to help with your financial situation, do not be rushed to act. Any contracts that are provided you must legally be provided with time to review those contracts to ensure that this is the right deal for you and that any products or services offered will do what they purport to.

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