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If you are planning to buy panels from NY State Solar, then please read this review! They are not as good as they portray themselves to be online. I was dumb to fall for all the obviously fake reviews this company has posted on platforms like Google and Energysage.

I bought panels from this company a year back in 2019. Soon after the installation, most of the panels stopped working. Almost half of the panels were not functioning properly. Switching off every 5-10 minutes. And they would not turn on automatically, they required someone to do the whole thing manually. It was impossible to keep doing this 24/7 so the panels were rendered useless.

We were getting a huge electricity bill on top of the monthly lease payments for the panels. After 2 weeks of calling NY State Solar and asking them to check out the issue, they sent someone. The expert fixed the issue in an hour and charged us $200.00 for it. We paid the guy without making a scene but it was obvious that this should’ve been covered under the warranty. When we tried to talk with the company about this issue they would hang up the call and make excuses. So we decided to get a 2nd opinion. Well, it turned out to be a small issue which most companies fix for free even if the warranty has run out.

It was infuriating because we had paid $200.00 for something so small. Not only this, but the panels started having the same issue a few weeks later. This time I decided to call a different technician, but before doing so I asked NY State if it would be okay, well, they told me if I did that, the warranty would be canceled. So I was forced to call the technician from NY State and pay him another $200.00 to fix the issue. The panels never work properly for long periods of time. They are always a pain in my life. If I could, I would stop my past self from getting into this but I can’t.

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This company has exorbitant service and their panels are totally not worth it. They fail to provide any loving support to their customers which is the main reason why most people go with local installers.

I cannot stress this enough, avoid this company, they are not worth your money and time.

NY State Solar Review: Additional Information


385 W John St Unit 100, Hicksville, NY 11801, United States


+1 516-418-2131



Should I get solar panels from NY State Solar?

No. They have overpriced service and low-quality panels which don’t last long. I would not advice anyone to buy solar from NY State Solar.

Can I trust the NY State Solar reviews online?

Frankly, not really. The websites seem to have totally bogus positive reviews. I and possibly dozens of more people have been fooled by their fake PR attempts, but you don’t have to.

Why aren’t there many NY State Solar Complaints online?

Most of the people who buy solar don’t even know they can post reviews online and they think it’s a bad practice. This, combined with the dangerous number of fake review websites online (where people pay to get 5 star reviews), makes it impossible for people to find any NY State Solar Complaints.

Would you recommend NY State Solar?

No. Definitely not!

Total Score

NY State Solar has mediocre panels and a very expensive service. Avoid this company, they are not worth your money and time.

Installation Quality


Customer Service





  • Exorbitant service fees
  • Faulty panels
  • Untrustworthy

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