QZ Global LTD: Ruthless Scammers Rebranded

QZ Global LTD is a rebrand of the horrible QZ Asset Management scam which ruined thousands of lives. QZGlobal LTD plans to do the same with the Latin American people.

What QZ Global LTD Claims To Be:

We are a leading global alternative asset manager with a successful 10-year track record of innovation and organic growth. As of December 31, 2022, we managed approximately $8.4 billion in assets. We believe that our business model is superior to other alternative asset managers and that our diversified, innovative array of investment platforms positions us well to continue generating sustainable growth across our business. We have achieved impressive growth numbers since the implementation of BDAI technology. Our assets under management increased over 2000% from 2016 to $8.4 billion as of December 31, 2022. Our total revenues increased 288% to $389 million over that same period, and our fee-related revenue (a non-GAAP measure) increased 55% to $62 million. Our net income in the past twelve month has increased 43% to $200 million. We’re looking forward to continued success in the future. QZ was founded in 2012 with operations centered in Guangzhou, China. We have a strong history of growth and an entrepreneurial culture that is open and collaborative. We are focused on innovation, which has led us to organically incubate, launch and scale new platforms and products. We have a diversified set of investment strategies and are well-positioned for the future of alternative asset management. QZ is led by a team of world-class executives and business leaders who have an average of 26 years of professional experience, including an average tenure at QZ of more than 5 years, and who are supported by a deep bench of talented professionals. With 143 employees as of December 31, 2022, including more than 70 investment and operations professionals, we conduct our business through 12 offices across 5 countries, providing us with a substantial global footprint and network for sourcing transactions, raising capital and driving value in our investments. Our platform-based investment and operations professionals are organized into industry sector teams, which share investment themes across platforms to drive firmwide pattern recognition. Through multiple decades of experience, we have developed an ecosystem of insight, engagement and collaboration across our platforms and products. As an alternative asset manager, we primarily invest in asset classes such as equity, mainly China A-Shares, and global indices, which is distinct from other asset managers that invest only in traditional asset classes, such as stocks, bonds or commodities. We have constructed a high-quality base of assets under management within highly attractive sub-segments of the alternative asset management industry. The strength of our investment performance and our ability to innovate within our business have led to consistent historical growth in our assets under management, all on a scaled infrastructure that gives our business a high degree of operating leverage. The quality of our asset base and the strength of our returns have allowed us to grow our fee earning assets under management and resulting management fees. We believe that our firm’s earnings stand to benefit from substantial margin enhancement as our platforms continue to grow and mature. We are positioned for rapid, profitable growth, which we believe will compound in the years ahead as we expand our existing platforms, launch new market-leading products and platforms, and pursue inorganic growth opportunities. Our Distinctive Business Approach We believe that we are distinctive in the way in which we organize our business and make investment decisions. Our business is set apart by our collaborative investment approach, our substantial centralized resources, our partnership engagement model and our entrepreneurial culture. Deep Industry Focus with Shared Investment Themes Our platform-based investment and operations professionals are organized into industry sector teams, which share investment themes across platforms to drive firmwide knowledge. Our professionals pursue compelling thematic investment opportunities, unencumbered by specific capital requirements or transaction structures, as evidenced by our partners’ frequent collaboration across platforms and products. Our teams identify outstanding investment opportunities regardless of the platform in which they may ultimately fit, resulting in a broad and efficient firmwide, sector-enabled sourcing funnel. We support and incentivize collaboration across platforms through the use of shared resources and compensation frameworks. We award investment-specific performance fees to professionals who lead investments, including those made outside of their primary platforms. We have chosen to focus our teams and our sector development in areas of economic growth and long-term secular tailwinds such as technology, healthcare and impact. We believe this focus has created an investment philosophy and a portfolio that is distinctly growth-oriented, as captured by the revenue growth of the portfolio across our current generation of funds relative to the revenue performance of the companies which comprise public market benchmark indices. Value-Added Operating Approach We believe that our operations team continues to be a core differentiator in our ability to drive strong growth in our target markets and the resulting strong growth and performance. Unlike many of our peers, who outsource operational work to consulting firms, the vast majority of our value-added operating activities are executed by QZ Global members, most of whom are full-time employees of our firm. QZ Global professionals are fully integrated into our deal teams and incentivized in portfolio company performance, with an opportunity to share in the same investment-specific performance fees as our investment professionals. QZ Global professionals identify and underwrite operational improvement opportunities, build and partner with strong management teams, and execute on tailored value generation plans through functional line-level engagement. Rich Global, Collaborative Ecosystem with a Robust Base of Centralized Resources We were early movers in establishing dedicated functional teams to support our global investing efforts. We have deployed our client and capital formation, capital markets, human resources, communications, firm infrastructure and services, legal, compliance and environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) teams across our firm to drive value in each of our platforms, from fundraising to portfolio company realizations. The ability of our teams to leverage these value-added firm capabilities has enabled us to drive positive outcomes seamlessly and consistently across our markets. Deep, Committed Relationships with a Growing Clientele Base We are backed by the most sophisticated global asset allocators, including approximately 50 institutional partners, with whom we have direct relationships. We have significant room to both grow with our existing investors and add new investors. We have cultivated deep, longstanding relationships with our investors, as evidenced by the 5-year weighted average tenure since our limited partners’ first commitment to our investment solutions. Innovative Product Development and Growth Model Our focus on key growth sectors and our successful track record have given our teams the differentiated level of expertise and credibility required to identify opportunities for new product development, and our entrepreneurial culture has encouraged our teams to execute on the opportunities that they identify. As such, throughout our 10-year history, we have increased the breadth of our client base through a combination of organic and acquisitive growth. Culture as Strategy Since our firm’s founding, we have believed that fostering a collaborative, open-partnership culture within QZ is a strategic imperative in enabling our growth and success. Internally, our partnership mindset is embodied in our core activities, including our investment committees, which are open to all investment and operations professionals. Furthermore, we believe that the quality of our investments and our ability to build great companies depend on the originality of our insights and the diversity of our team’s thought. Our culture also drives the way in which we engage with our existing and prospective portfolio companies. As a result of our institutional emphasis on mutual respect, transparency and partnership, our professionals are often the “partner of choice” for the management teams, founders and ownership groups of companies in which we seek to invest. Our culture has been a driver of strong investment outcomes and has allowed us to establish longstanding relationships with management teams, which, in turn, has resulted in multiple instances of our successful repeat partnerships with these teams. — QZ Global Limited is a South Dakota limited liability company. Our principal executive offices are located at 25 First Ave. SW STE A, Watertown, SD 57201, and our telephone number is (605) 301-8704. Our corporate website address is www.qzinvest.com.

Source: https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/ipos/overview?dealId=1249269-105743

QZ Asset Management is a major MLM scam. They also go by the name “QZ Invest” and are based in Guangzhou, China. We would like to warn the readers of the website to avoid any interaction with this scammer as they are extremely dangerous.

Blake Yeung is the front guy for this scam. He does not have any verifiable or traceable internet presence, however, it might be due to the differences in the languages. 

Even though QZ Asset Management does not yet have an official YT handle, they have been aggressively marketing their ad videos throughout the internet. 

Many of its victims are unaware of the fact that QZ Asset Management was rebranded in 2021. Before which it was known as Qianze Asset Management.

Other key names involved in the QZ Asset Scam are Roger Sim, Julian D. Meyers, Panjal Chandra, and Andrei Petrov.

Currently, they use qzinvest.com as their domain. MLM scams like this one often change the domain name with which they operate so please be wary of that.

Through Who.is we can see that this domain was registered in 2016 although when we checked out the history of the domain on the Web Archive we found that it has only been active since 2021.

Despite this, the company claims it has been around for more than a decade which is simply not true.


They offer no retailable services or products. There is only their QZ affiliate membership which is promoted by their marketers and affiliates.

How QZ Asset Management Manages Compensation 

In QZ Basic, they claim you can invest $100 to $900 and get a return of 1.75% a week, while in QZ Elite you can invest $1000 or more to receive 3.5% a week. Their ROI cap is at 400%, any money after that you’ll need to reinvest to continue the cash flow.

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