Rajat Khare Attacks Gripeo to Hide His Criminal Past – Cyber Attacks and Fake Copyright

Rajat Khare is scared of Gripeo’s efforts to highlight his history of working as a ‘hacker for hire’. 

In his pathetic attempts to hide his shameful past, he has now resorted to posting bogus copyright notices against Gripeo. 

It’s certainly a new low, even for Rajat. 

Gripeo is constantly on the receiving end of threats, intimidation tactics and cyber attacks. However, very few of them actually stoop to such a low level. 

In his bogus copyright notice, Rajat Khare has even dragged the name of a major news publication. Clearly, he wanted to make it seem as if he has no connection to the post in question. 

Here’s the article he attacked:

And here’s the bogus copyright claim:

rajat khare

As you can see, Rajat Khare has used the name of Intelligence Online to make this bogus copyright claim. However, there is a lot of evidence which shows the publication has nothing to do with this fake claim.

For starters, Intelligence Online has no connection to the article in question. 

Furthermore, only a criminal like Rajat Khare can come up with such a desperate and pathetic attempt to clear his image online. 

Why is Rajat Khare Scared? 

The article Rajat attacked through the bogus claim talks about how the owner of Boundary Holding is rebranding himself. 

He is an Indian hacker who has worked with various corporate intelligence firms. With Boundary Holding, he is now focusing on rebranding himself as an investor. 

Furthermore, the article highlights how his company has shown interest in machine learning technologies by investing in DroneFence. 

Before launching Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare used to run Appin Security. Moreover, it’s evident that he doesn’t like to remember that period as he never mentions it on his social media profiles. 

Appin Security stopped operating in 2014. However, when it was operational, it worked with many criminal enterprises to perform cyber attacks on a “hack for hire” basis. 

This is the basic information Rajat Khare wanted to hide.

rajat khare

Rajat Khare impersonated a major publication to post his fake DMCA claim. 

There is no description as well so there’s no way to figure out what they actually claimed. 

Making fake DMCA notices is quite common among scammers and criminals. To make a fake copyright claim, they make a simple claim that they are the original owner of the content.

In many cases, the claim isn’t even checked and the content is taken down. 

The same happened here. 

Rajat Khare and his team made a fake copyright claim. However, they went a step ahead and impersonated a major publication. Their goal? To ensure Google removes Gripeo’s article highlighting the criminal history of Rajat Khare. 

However, bogus claims can easily be countered and we have already filed a counter notice. 

What’s alarming is that Rajat Khare and his team committed multiple crimes to post this bogus copyright claim including fraud, perjury and impersonation. These are serious violations and can result in severe legal consequences. 

What Happens Next?: A Warning to Rajat Khare and His Team

The article in question only mentioned how Rajat Khare is trying to rebrand himself as a legitimate businessman. 

However, it’s evident now that he is truly a criminal who hasn’t left his illegal ways. 

He is using fraudulent tactics to hide content from the internet. 

However, Rajat and his team should be aware of the legal repercussions of such actions. Furthermore, by conducting cyber attacks on Gripeo, all they’ll do is give us more content. 

We will add more posts, share them further, and respond to all censure attempts by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding and his team. 

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