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Total Frauds! They are running a scam!!!

Seapoint Solar is a terrible company. These people scammed my sister so I’m sharing my review here. Everyone should know what a big scam Seapoint Solar truly is!!!

I also want to clarify that I love solar panels. I have a proper solar setup at my own house. But what Seapoint Solar is doing is totally unethical. They are giving a bad name to the solar industry with their pathetic quality products and shady tactics.

They Scammed My Sister

My sister sent me a big message on FB Messenger, I’m going to copy-paste it here. I think it describes her experience pretty well.

I know this is gonna sound crazy but remember I bought solar panels in Jan. Well, they turned out to be bad. I mean really bad. The roof is blasted. There are leaks everywhere below the installed panels. I only bought the solar panels because the sales guy at the company told me that it would help me save tons of money on electricity. And he even said I would get a cashback of $1000. I never really got that cashback, maybe they forgot about it. Well, at the start when they were installing the solar, everything seemed fine. During the installation, the workers made a lot of noise though. They charged me a lot of money for the installation and I’m on a lease with them till 2030.

I dunno how am I going to keep up with the payments while also paying for the roof repairs. The solar panel itself is also not as good as it was a few months back. I talked to a solar expert and she told me that it’s probably because of the poor installation done. Think I got fooled my their reviews on Google. I thought to myself if they are getting dozens of crazy reviews, then they must be doing a good job. Idk if I trust those reviews now. Anyways I regret the purchase. These guys aren’t even giving me any refund on the damages they did on my roof. I’ve paid $2,300.00 in damages by now and Vince, the owner is denying any responsibility. I really hoped I never bought solar panels, they are such a big hassle!

My sister’s message on Messenger

After this I told her that not all solar panel companies are like this and there are honest companies which aren’t scamming people. This was the message that motivated me to write this whole post.

The Fake Seapoint Solar reviews online

As you can see in the video above, all of the reviews Seapoint Solar only have written 1 review on Google. It is a big red flag that my sister failed to notice. Vince have bought fake reviews from some website to fool people into thinking he has an amazing company. My sister thought Seapoint was the best in the business, while the whole reputation of this company is falsified.

Blackhat marketers make Google accounts in bulk and then sell reviews to crooked businessmen like Vince. These people don’t have a spine. They want to build a fake reputation for their brand and don’t have any remorse for their actions. It’s really unethical to get fake positive reviews. Why? Because this way you are lying to your customers. The customers deserve to know the truth but people like Vince will do anything to hide it.

Seapoint Solar Review Verdict

Seapoint Solar website
Seapoint Solar website

Personally, I would steer clear of dealing with Seapoint Solar. A company which is ripping off people and filling the pockets of its sociopathic owner is not a company anyone should do business with. I wouldn’t have wrote this whole post, but these scammers took thousands of dollars from my sister. Just avoid Seapoint solar. They make unreal claims and their highly trained sales people WILL fool you into buying expensive solar panels from them. If they really were selling good solar (which they are not), then they wouldn’t have had to get fake reviews. I only wrote this review to help people avoid this scammer.

Seapoint Solar is an unethical business practice. They are scamming dozens of innocents. Eschew them!


4218 Harbor Beach Blvd, Brigantine, NJ 08203


+1 609-705-1747


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Seapoint Solar are scamming people who want to help the environment. They have fake reviews everywhere. Avoid them!

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  • Fake positive reviews
  • Bad quality installation
  • Selfish owner

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