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Solar Soleil are frauds! I’m stuck with a 15-year contract with them and the solar panels they’ve installed in our house are totally useless. I came to know about Solar Soleil from one of my friends who were really into being eco-friendly. She told me that I should get solar panels for my house.

I was told it would give me thousands of dollars of savings and I’ll be saving the planet as well. Sounded like a good deal to me, and I think it would have been if it wasn’t for Solar Soleil to ruin the whole thing. I contacted them casually on XX MARCH 2019 and asked if they can tell me their pricing and portfolio. They gave me some basic details but were totally ambiguous about the pricing and said that I can take a look at their portfolio on their website. I called them during lunch casually, but their salespeople started SPAMMING the hell out of my cell.

They called me 4 times till 5 PM, after which they must’ve head home. I was busy and at work. When I got home I checked out their past works and honestly, I don’t know if they were excellent or [email protected], I’m not a solar expert. But they did look good so the next day I went to their office and we finalized the deal. In the next couple of weeks, the panels were installed and I was officially an eco-friendly human being. The real hell started after this. During the winters and monsoons, the roof started leaking. I have never had this problem before and my anger was boiling up cause I had to wake up in the middle of the night, trying to fix the leaks.

When I called a plumber, he told me that it is a common problem with poor quality solar installers, and to permanently fix it, I would have to either remove the panels or get a proper installation done. I called the Solar Soleil sales rep who sold me the panels, and asked him to get the installation fixed. He replied, “Sorry sir, it can’t be done”. I’m not joking, he outright said NO.

I messed up my house up trying to be eco-friendly. I didn’t have any choice but to get a whole roof repair which cost me $XXXX and Solar Soleil denies paying for it. This is bizarre! I don’t think every person who gets solar panels has to deal with this [email protected]! Just avoid Solar Soleil, their salesmen will lie to you about how amazing their panels are and will get you stuck in a contract. I don’t know what the heck actually went wrong in the installation, but they totally messed up my roof.

Solar Soleil messed up my roof and won’t pay for the repairs!!!


2631 South Prairie Avenue,
Unit A,
Chicago IL



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Solar Soleil installers messed up the roof of my house and refuse to repay for the damages. Avoid this fraudulent company!

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