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If you live in North Malaysia then you have definitely heard about Webster Ku. He claims to be a revolutionary entrepreneur. He is revolutionary, if you count taking thousands of RMs from school owners while making fake claims. Our school bought Webster’s service hoping that he and his team will teach our students public-speaking. However, they delivered no results at all. When we checked out the material they were teaching, the picture got much clearer. The way his team treated the children was way to unprofessional. Webster scammed us and took RM 30,000!

I know many people are going to say,”Why did you write this big post, you must be a hater loser.” So I’m going to give you the answer right here:

I don’t want more people in my country getting scammed. I’ve been teaching for 22 years now, I came a long way from being a school teacher to buying a school of my own. I cannot let scums like Webster ruin the future generation for their selfish gains. I hope you understand my perspective.

Who is Webster Ku and Why it’s important to know?

Instagram page of Webster Ku
Instagram page of Webster Ku

Over on his LinkedIn profile, Webster has a whole explanation about he became what he is today. Educating people on learning and mastering the learning art is his passion, at least that’s what he claims it to be.

There’s not any data available on the origins of the guy. It is probably because Webster wants to hide the fact that he comes from a wealthy family. A friend of Webster once told me that his parents own a nice house in a posh colony. The guy has never seen or experienced poverty. It might be the big reason why he is so careless and narcissistic.

He claims that he knows and “understands” how it feels to have learning disabilities. How can he? He is not a psychology specialist, nor does he have a learning disability himself, then how can he claim to understand how it feels to have one. One might say, “Oh, he is a teacher, that’s why he knows about the hardships of having a learning disability you fool.” Well, Webster was NEVER a teacher. He claims that he was an Operational Executive at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, but there’s ZERO proof for it.

While I was scrolling through his LinkedIn profile, I noticed one thing about his portfolio. He was a salesperson at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies. This explains why he got into selling courses online and cold calling school managers and owners (like me) and selling them his BS. He is good at it. I’ll give him credit where credit is due. He can easily fool anyone into thinking that his Turbo Charge Learning program or the De’emcee program are amazing, because he is a salesman. Salesmen are trained to be an expert in manipulation and persuading people. He certainly utilizes this skill and hooks many people.

De’Emcee: The Elaborate Scam run by Webster Ku

What De’Emcee website looks like

My and my business partner found out about De’emcee through an advertisement online. After a couple of days, we received a call from De’emcee’s office. They were offering a public speaking course for the young students.

The company claimed they can help teach our students some excellent public speaking skills which can then translate to a better reputation and name for our school. They also made other claims like, “Even the students with autism or ADD will be able to deliver an excellent speech.” This was the claim that got my attention. As a teacher myself, I understood how difficult it is to help a student with ADD/ADHD or autism to even address a crowd let alone deliver a full speech. I told the De’emcee rep that I’ll think about the offer and revert back in a couple of days. However, the sales rep was quite impatient and wanted to confirm that I’ll call back, so I reassured him that I will.

As soon as the call ended I did some research and De’emcee had some nice reviews online. Although, when I called one of the schools listed in their portfolio, they denied ever working with De’emcee. I confronted the sales rep about this and he told me that the school staff must’ve changed. However this claim couldn’t be true because I called on the principle’s number, who was the principal for years there. I should’ve realized that they are lying in their portfolio, but I was still fascinated by the service and decided to hire them anyway.

The company charged us RM200 per kid and we had 150 kids, so we ended up paying RM30,000. Later I did find out that De’emcee change their prices and try to charge you as high as they can, they don’t have a fixed price. I’m sure if I knew this information earlier, then I wouldn’t have hired them at all. This is basically proof that their service is appalling, if you have a good service or product, then you don’t change it’s prices based on the customer’s assumed wealth.

The classes were supposed to last a week however, they ended them in just 4 days claiming that they’ve taught the whole material. I could not do anything except go with the flow, De’emcee had already took all the money in advance. I had no problems with the program then, but a couple weeks later I asked all the teachers to take an assessment of the public speaking skills of the students.

It was shocking. Most of the children could not deliver a simple speech in front of their classes. Unlike what Webster’s company claimed the children were actually having MORE problem speaking in front of the class. I asked the children what was the issue and I found a shocking common answer: they were trying to use the “shortcut-tricks” provided by the new teachers (De’emcee team).

I took a look at one of the student’s notebook. The “tricks” were totally useless. They were too generic and there was no way they could’ve helped the kids perform better as speakers. I called the De’emcee office right away and when I asked them about their material, they told me, “It is what it is sir, we teach the same material everywhere” I asked them who came up with this shockingly bad material and they hung up the phone. They didn’t pick up any calls after that.

I did not bother to ask for a refund from these thugs, I knew it wasn’t of any use. I had realized that I got scammed. But my business partner was furious and he went to one of their offices and asked for a refund. Like I expected, they refused to refund a single penny.

This company is a total scam. They took all the money in advance and don’t give refunds. I can’t comprehend how many schools and colleges they must’ve scammed by now. After my experience here, I decided to put together this Webster Ku review.

Webster Ku is the mastermind behind this scam and many others. The ugliest thing about his work is his lack of morals. He does not care about the fact that his low-quality material actually affect young children’s minds in a negative fashion. He only cares about the money and the lifestyle, not education and a better future for the students. He’s a snake-oil salesman.

De’emcee is not the only active scam that Webster is operating. His fraudulent portfolio consists of two more companies, namingly Turbo Charge Learning and Turbo Charge Marketing. He has joined forces with an even bigger pathological liar Neow, for these ones. Let’s take a close look at them and you’ll find out how Webster and Neow are making thousands by fooling innocent people and children.

TurboCharge Learning 8-Step Programme: Useless Course by Webster

After my horrible horrible experience at De’emcee, I decided to check out some of the other companies by Mr. Ku. This one caught my eye really quick. My son told me about a similar scam, about this guy Tai Lopez, I’ll leave a link down below in case you want to check it out. Anyways, I like to read such articles while sipping my coffee in the afternoon. TurboCharge Learning is actually a refund scam.

Read more about: Evan Luthra

This type of scam was made popular by online self-help gurus like Mr. Lopez. These people are psychopaths. They are extremely good at making convincing videos and sales pitches, which can fool anyone into believing (& trusting) them. First, they’ll offer you a free workshop, live webinar (which is actually prerecorded) or a 7-day program. After baiting people with the “free”content, they upsell them into the real deal. By now, they’ve won your trust and given you false hope. They make you think that you’ll finally get rid of all yoru financial problems, and live a financially independent life. And in this hopeful mindset, you spend thousands of RMs on these peoples’ courses.

However, there is nothing of substance taught in these courses. So many people naturally ask for a refund, and this is where the main scam happens. They never refund your money. Never! They do this with thousands of people and make millions. Long story short, they are a major scam. And TurboCharge Learning 8-Step Programme is just that.

Webster Ku’s Partner In Crime- Neow (BUSTED!)

Neow's Fake Claims and Achievements Listed on the Turbo Charge Learning Landing Page
Neow’s Fake Claims and Achievements Listed on the Turbo Charge Learning Landing Page

Neow is supposed be the “Prodigy of North Malaysia” and the author of “Inside the Mind of 7 High Performers”. Not only that, he also claims to have coached students and helped them ace exams. WRONG!

All of these claims made by Neow are totally false. Here are all of them busted one-by-one:

1)Fake Claim of being the “Prodigy of North Malaysia”

TCL workshop landing page (Neow is not the “Prodigy of North Malaysia”)

Just simply Google “Prodigy of North Malaysia” and you’ll find the truth. Neow is nowhere to be seen here.

2) Fake Claim of Being An Author

“Inside The Mind Of 7 High Performers” is a “cheat-sheet” according to the man himself. It is not a book like Harry Porter or Lord of The Rings. in fact, it’s an extremely short collection of blog posts.

What Other People Actually Say About Webster Ku and His Mentor

Google “Webster Ku Review” and you won’t find ANYTHING except for ads from the guy himself. Why? Because Webster has hidden the reviews from all over the internet. A clever move in my opinion if you are a scammer. I couldn’t find many reviews myself. However, some people have revealed their feelings about Mr. Ku on an article online. This article, funny enough, is the review of Webster’s mentor, Desmond Ong. I’ll leave the link down below, Desmond taught Webster how to scam masses.

Below are two Webster Ku reviews that you might find interesting:

A comment for Webster Ku  on a forum
A comment for Webster Ku on a forum

Watch out for this guy by the name of Webster Ku..Desmond Ong is his mentor guru.. when i posted a comment in Desmond Ong facebook page asking whether he can explain regarding this site about his reputation.. challenging him to defend himself from the defamed remarks that seemingly coming out from various of people. I also saw one guy (Webster Ku) who shared Desmond post, so i also shared the same post on Desmond’s page on Webster Ku.. Within less than 5 min, i was reported by him to facebook. Now it seems it is already implanted in Webster mind that anything that amount to inquiry or criticism would be spam by him.

Complaint found on a website

Below is the second one:

Another comment for Webster Ku on a forum
Another comment for Webster Ku on a forum

Webster Ku works for Desmond Ong at Chromabit. That’s why they are so afraid of feedback and queries about their reputation (or lack of). Just be careful of these dubious characters.

Comment on Holysmoke (a complaint board)

Webster Ku’s Cunning Mentor Desmond Ong

It’s important that we understand where Webster got his guidance as a con-artist. This helped me comprehend how he became the narcissist he is today, and I’m sure it will help you too.

image 13
Desmond Ong’s Instagram Page

Desmond is infamous for stealing people’s money, not by mugging, but in a more sophisticated way. Ong fools innocent people on the internet and gives them hope that they can become millionaires for a small fee (which is not small in any way). And once he gets the money from them and they realize what big mistake they’ve made, it’s gets too late, because Ong never returns their money. He is a “clever fox” misusing the internet and people’s desperation.

Webster has learned a lot from this famous scammer. And he puts his knowledge to use, in his companies. Desmond and Webster are colleagues and also work together in Chromabit (a company infamous for abusing it’s employees). I won’t go into detail about Mr. Ong but if you wish to learn more, I have linked the article at the bottom.

Webster Ku Review Finale (Verdict)

The fact that Webster is scamming little children disgusts me.

As you can see in the complaints above, people are tired of scammers like Webster Ku, who bring shame to our Malaysian community. People from America look down on our country now, they think we only have scammers here. 

Webster Ku is using innocent children and hopeful parents to fill his pockets. He scammed me and have possibly scammed thousands of others. 

Should Webster be allowed to take advantage of vulnerable people? Is it okay to let a selfish fraud ruin the lives of our children? 

A special thanks to everyone who helped me with the technical bits of this article. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Total Score

Webster Ku is using innocent children and hopeful parents to fill his pockets. He scammed me and have possibly scammed thousands of others.

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  • Moraless Fraud
  • Doesn’t Refund
  • Takes Advantage of Innocent Children & their Parents

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