#1 Cochran

#1 Cochran

#1 Cochran Numebr One Cochran Sold me a car without OIL and COOLANT Monroeville, Pennsylvania!!. I purchased a 2006 Pontic GTO from Number One Cochran of Monroeville in late November of 2011. After about 300 miles of my frist 2 weeks of driving , I find out the car was sold with very low oil, no coolant, and a cracked radiator. Now after the 3 months, the warrant expired, and Cochran trying tp fix the coolant system, the engine is now ruined and needs a complet replacment. Cochran told me that the engine coolant system not working fo rht efrist 3 months did not cause the engine to blow up in the first 3 months of owning. Cochran was so nice to fix everything for free each time and even mailed me 3 checks for the money I spent at Jiffy Lube only 2 weeks after driving the car off their lot to have oil and coolant filled so the engine did not get damaged. The coolant system continued to leak and the engine temperture warning came on, Cochran was so nice to look at it again and fix the coolant system again for the third and final time in the first 3 months of owning thr car. They repalce a water pump this time, they also replaced a cracked strut plate and did a wheel alignment for free, and with no warranty. My car is now going to be repossesed this week because I can not pay the car payment and insurance for a car I can not drive. Please warn everyone you know, that #1 Cochran of Pittsburgh will sell a $15000 used car with low oil, no engine cooling system. Cochran will be nice and fix it for free, untill the engine blows up from thier mistakes, then they will tell you to bad, you are on your own. Alos that if you look up past information about Cochran dealership on the internet, you will find they have ripped off a lot of other customers also. I wish I would have doen my research. If you do research also on General Motors and the model Pontica GTO, you will see that ther are a lot of engine and transmission problems reported about the car. Than you General Motors and #1 Cochran for standing behind your product.

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