123 Auto Rental

123 Auto Rental

123 Auto Rental Double Billing and refusing to credit for their mistakes, rude and condasending employees miami, Florida!!. I reserved and paid for a rental vehicle online on Thursday, 11/15/2012. I picked up the vehicle and informed the company that I had already paid online and they said they did not receive any payment and that I did not pay online. I then paid again in person adding additional fees for insurance. The vehicle was in very poor condition but i did not complain about that. When I returned the vehicle on Monday November 19,2012. I again asked them if the online payment that I had made went through and the woman at the counter said there was no payment online and that they could not help me with that problem and I had to go through my credit card company. When I left the rental agency i called my credit card company and they said there were in fact two payments to the rental company. I asked the credit card company to dispute the initial online charges because the auto rental place continued to tell me that I had not paid. As I checked online again I noticed that the vehicle that they provided to me was not the vehicle I had paid for and I called the rental company today to explain to them that they had given me a vehicle less expensive than the one I paid for. They then told me they would reimburse me the online charges and I asked for the difference of the vehicle that I had paid for and the vehicle they provided. The manager who’s name is Jessica refused to let me speak with the owner then laughed at me because i was complaining about a couple of dollars per day for the rental fee. She then told me they were not going to give me the money for thedifference of the vehicle because the contract was closed and that I should have said something before when they gave me the car. I told her that it was their responsibility to give me the vehicle that I paid for and that they are the ones that are supposed to know what vehicle to give the customers. They are complaints all over the Internet about how this company operates with charging customers twice, providing faulty vehicles and lying about the insurance. Something has t be done.

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