123 Go Auto Sales

123 Go Auto Sales

123 Go Auto Sales Joe and Chuck Saad Fast talking Rip-off artists Clinton Twp Michigan!!. Aproximately 2 years ago I was in need of a vehicle, but had a low credit rating. I was refered to this location by someone, who warned me to be careful. I was greeted by the fast talking Joe Saad, who seemed to be very sympathtic to my situation and promised I would get a great car, at a great price. What a lie!!!! I was fast talked by both Joe and Chuck into signing a finance contract for a 2006 HHR with 89000 miles. I put down $1500 cash, and financed the remaining amount, which I was lead to believe would be paid off in 3 years. What I now know (since my car has been repossessed) is that they charged me an additional $11,000 for a car which had a Kelly Blue Book value of about $3500! The finance company (who I cannot fault) paid these con artists up front $11,000.(plus the $1500 which I paid) This shows 123 GO AUTO received $12,500 for a car worth 25% of that amount. Talk about profit margin! This is a warning to anyone considering doing business with 123 GO Auto, or purchasing car if you have lower credit. Do your homework and stay away from fast talking con artists. These guys are the exact picture of “Used Car Salesmen” in the worst sense of the word. They only have one concern – and it’s not a satisfied customer. It’s making a fast buck no matter who gets screwed in the process!!!!!

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