12VoltSavings Hassle-Free returns are very much a hassle Internet!!. I bought an Autotek 7007 Equilizer from this company for what I thought was a bargain price. However, when it got to my front door the hardware was broken. One of the buttons was somehow pushed into the equilizer, something a simple dropping of a box could not do. I believe that this company sent me a broken product and I have had trouble dealing with them. I simply wanted to do an exchange with them, and although I accidentally lost my order number, I have told them various times that I can prove that I purchased this item through them. I have emailed them, because this is the only way to contact them, and one person has talked to me but has only replied a few times with mediocre instructions on what to do. They said I need an RMA, which is also the order number, but I have repeatedly mentioned my missing order number. It was been 8 days since the company has emailed me back and I am tired of repeating myself over and over. All I wanted was an exchange but now I want my money back. This company is not truthful with their “hassle-free” return promise. If a representative is reading this, I would still be very pleased to work something out. It is unfortunate that I’ve had to report this incident and I hope I am not out $60. I recommend not buying from 12voltsavings.com since it currently appears that they are a shady business.

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